Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Russian Spies in America!!!

The Huffington Post's main headline yesterday (besides a GOP Senator stating he thought the retirement age should be raised to 70) is about the US arresting numerous Russian spies that had been living in America. This is interesting news in its own right, but as you can go to any news site and read all about that, I'm not going to talk about the actual event, but about the HPers' reaction. If you recall from any of our numerous HPWs about Israeli espionage activities, the HPers consider spying to be "treasonous", "uncivilized", "serially vile", etc. Surely for a case of an ally caught spying in the United States itself, surely the bile will be flung left and right!

Since when is it a secret that the Russians plant spies here? Since when is it a secret that we plant spies everywhere? When the catch them they should give them the boot as the damage is already done. If you imprison their guys, then they will imprison your guys. It is interesting how spying is considered justified if your are the United States, but it is a terrible act if you are Russia.

I don't even know why this is so controversial. Russian spies got caught in the US. Ok. Yes, we do it too, so do the Chinese and Israelis and every other country. And when the spies get caught, they're either deported, jailed, or executed. Again, why is this controversial at all?

" "Would you act like that in the 21st century?" he said in a reference to allegations that agents retrieved cash that had been buried in the ground years before."
Well, actually, now that you ask ... yes. Launder it long enough and it cleans itself from its source.
Actually the whole thing is much ado about nothing. If they don't have spies corroborating that we aren't trying to cheat on nuclear arms deals, and other policy areas, it is not natural that they would just trust us. Why any surprise that the Spy v. Spy games go on all the time?

Dangerous Dan
No big deal. Even our friendsdo it.
Yes, and an Israeli spy was imprisoned for 20 years. 
This is just another example of how well "respected" we have become under the Obama presidency.
What I don't understand is why are they hiding their activties.
All they need to do is file a Freedom of Information request.
Spy, saboteur, terrorist, invader, moving freely within our borders, for their own agenda, not ours.
Better 'Red' than dead?

And that was just in the first two pages. But of course, the usual haters couldn't resist bringing Israel into it. 

HOLD ON!!!! WHO IS OUR ENEMY HERE??? Russia is doing nothing but collecting policy positions that they can get over the Internet. How much of the technology Israel sells to China is purchased from and/or stolen from the US?
Israel was spying as a partner in the development of the F-35, Israeli passed secret information to the Chinese causing an arms deal crisis. In 2005, issues regarding Israeli weapons exports boiled over between Israel and the USA. Israel’s status as an observer in the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program was suspended. The Pentagon accused top Israeli defense ministry official of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) deal between Israel and the People’s Republic of China and claimed that this has caused a confidence crisis between the Pentagon and Israeli.

Russian spies infiltrating the U.S.? Who do they think they are, Israel?

Why so much emphasis on our traditional spies? Israeli spies are often 'dual-citizen Americans'. Why have we done so little to proscecute them?
They can attack American Ships (USSLiberty), American Embassies (Lavon Affair), and spy (Pollard & AIPAC)...yet, there are no repercussions.
They should both go the way of criminal justice...

Why do they need spies, they can buy any info they want directly from Israel.

Again, just found on the first two pages. What's that again about target fixation on Israel and how it doesn't exist on the HP? 


  1. The handling of this story by the HufPo is most telling. Will we now have a slew of "Russian progressives" blogging on it's undemocratic nature, the plight of it's minorities, or ethnic cleansing in Afghanistan? I won't hold my breath. The Jewish/Israel connection is obvious -- Russia is on planet earth, Planet earth has weather, Jews live on planet earth, therefore Jews cause storms in Russia. What, paranoia, me?

  2. When Jews do it, its bad. When Russians do it, its understandable and its the nature of the world.

    Are we seeing a pattern here in the HP reaction to the Russian spy story? I hope so!

    Its an illuminating one.