Thursday, June 10, 2010

Richard Greener Laments Jewish Influence

Richard Greener, an HP blogger, has written a blog post for the HP entitled Helen Thomas Is Out of Work - Good Thing We've Got a "Free" Press Here. In it, he laments the double standard that Thomas was (in his view) fired because of her anti-Israel remarks and complains that the press is not free because Thomas suffered consequences for her statements. I give you the first and last parts of his essay so you get the idea:
"Good thing we've got a "free" press here. Helen Thomas is out of work. She's an old lady. She bad-mouthed Israel and the Jews. She's out of work...There was a time when people could take the position that the UN, together with the US and the European Powers, had no business establishing a country called Israel, in a part of the world that was neither the US or Europe, as a Jewish State for Jews who were mainly Europeans. It wasn't a popular position to take. It wasn't a position I would take. But there was a time when expressing that point of view, right here in the United States, wouldn't cost you your job. Not even if you were an old lady...Times have changed. Helen Thomas is out of work. She's an old lady. She bad-mouthed Israel and the Jews. She's out of work. Good thing we've got a "free" press here."
In between the first and last statement, Greener lists a group of people who have made just as bad statements as Thomas, but who still have work. People like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Pat Buchanan. The only difference is that those people (according to Greener) haven't made negative remarks about Jews, just other groups. And then Greener laments the lack of a "free" press.

Something that Mr. Greener of course decides not to mention is the numerous high profile personalities who did get in trouble and did suffer career wise from making bigoted comments, such as Michael Richards and George Allen. He falsely present an image of America where only Jewish critics get in trouble and everyone else gets away with it. But nothing could be further from the truth. It's especially ironic when you consider that Pat Buchanan has in fact made anti-Semitic comments. Just ask the ADL. I guess Mr. Greener couldn't be bothered to do his research before he published.

You would expect a liberal paper like the HP and an (I assume) liberal blogger like Mr. Greener would be happy that bigots like Thomas are being forced to face the consequences of their actions, as treating all people with respect and kindness is a liberal value. But rather than ask why the people he listed haven't be forced to face consequence, as another HP blogger does, he complains that personalities in America aren't "free" to criticize Israel and the Jews. This leads to two questions:

1. If we are not free to criticize Israel and Jews, who is preventing us from doing that? Greener, of course, does not say, but I think we can all tell what he is implying, as he goes to great pains to give the impressions only people who criticize Jews get in trouble. He clearly suggests Jews are responsible for the fall of Helen Thomas and will do the same to anyone else who criticizes them. Which in turn references the myth of "Jewish control" over the media. I may be reading into his words, but I don't think so.

2. Why doesn't Greener seem to have a problem with Thomas' comments? He makes the now tortured "free speech" argument, as if the First Amendment requires us to let Thomas say whatever she wants without consequences. But rather than say, "Thomas' fate was deserved, let's make sure these other bigots meet the same kind", he complains that only anti-Jewish bigots are not longer free to spread their hate.

Sorry, Mr. Greener, but we do have a free press in this country. And that means we are free to denounce hate speech wherever we find it, even when it's from a mere "old lady".


  1. Too much manipulation and influence by Jews is one of the things that has gotten them in trouble for centuries.
    They don't get kicked out of countries because they are choirboys.

  2. Beautiful comment, Anonymous.

    According to your formulation, the Jews are responsible for the Holocaust.

    Such lovely poison you give us.

    Tell me, do you consider yourself a "liberal"?

  3. More to the point, just because you have the right to say something does not mean I should be forced to accept your views as legitimate.

    Richard Greener doesn't appear to understand freedom of speech works both ways. And when all is said and done, Helen Thomas is still an anti-Semite.

  4. Can't the blog owners moderate these comments to avoid the scum from drifting over from HP to here?

  5. Poor, poor Israel. Who will cry for Israel?

  6. I always wonder about people like the first poster who says that Jewish manipulation has got them in trouble for centuries, does he believe that it is something genetic? Are Jews born with a manipulation gene like blue eyes for instance? Or is it something that all Jewish parents teach their children? Ínstead of 'eat your breakfast' are they told 'manipulate, manipulate, manipulate'?

    If this is so how does it happen that Israel is so awful at manipulation and the Arabs are so good at it?

  7. Margie, it is cultural.
    Look at mainstream polls.
    Jews are much better at it.