Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Palestinians in Their Own Words

One of the most annoying things about discussing Israel issues on the HP is that the posters pretend to know what the Palestinians or the Palestinian government want or will and will not do when in truth they have no idea. In fact, because the Palestinians don't have a democracy, we get very few chances to find out what they are really thinking. Which is why recent polls like this one are so valuable.

The poll was conducted by the Palestinians themselves, so there's no complaining of Israeli or Zionist bias. And the information it reveals is very interesting. For example, "For Hamas’s government in the Gaza Strip, a majority of 57% support and 38% oppose its efforts to prevent the launching of rockets against Israeli towns. Support for these efforts reaches 49% among Gazans but increases to 62% among West Bankers." So while the HPers extol the virtues of rocket attacks as "insignificant", "resistance" and "the right of the Palestinians to fight oppression", the majority of Palestinians themselves don't want rocket attacks to continue and support Hamas' work to restrict the rockets. 

Read the rest. It's enlightening.

[H/T: Solomonia]

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  1. And are these kind of views covered on the HP? I would guess not because they contradict the anti-Zio view Israel is responsible for the Palestinians' plight and that is not the result of decisions and choices made by their own leaders which have harmed them and ended up by strengthening Israel!