Tuesday, June 1, 2010

An Overview of The HP's Coverage of Gaza Raid

In the last 24 hours the coverage of Israel's Gaza raid continues to dominate the Huffington Post in every department, including the headline:

The news articles have been cranked out as well, relating to both the raid and the Gaza situation in general. Here they are in the best order I can find: Chicago Resident On Gaza Aid Ship Raided By Israel, Israeli Raid: 'Bloody, Bungled Takeover' Deepens Israel's Isolation, Henning Mankell, Swedish Crime Writer, Held In Custody In Israel, Turkish PM: Israeli Raid A 'Bloody Massacre' (we can always rely on the HP to give him a headline), Egypt Lifts Its Side Of Gaza Blockade, UN Security Council Members Demand Israel End Blockade, Israel Sending American Ex-Ambassador On Seized Ship Home, Wife Says. Compared with the five from yesterday, that brings the grand total of news article on the topic to twelve. It is just me or does that seem like a lot of coverage?

(Oh, and sliding in among the news is a story about Hamas firing more rockets into Israel. Israel responded with airstrikes which killed two.)

Then we have the blog posts. In recent hours the HP has published articles critical of Israel by Robert Mackay, Leon Hadar, James Zogby (in which he refers to the the raid as an "outrageous deadly assault,"), Mya Guarnierni, Phyllis Bennis (who described it as a "massacre,"), Robert Naiman, Hani Almadhoun (who compared the IDF to Somali pirates), MJ Rosenberg, Mickey Bergman, Norman Solomon (who also described it as a "massacre,"), Sanjeev Bery (who complained about the Washington Post being biased, how ironic), Michael Kieschnick, Daoud Kuttab, Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, Warren Goldstein, and Amy Goodman. That is in addition to the five Matt counted yesterday, which brings our total (for now) to twenty one blog posts.

In fairness, there were some pro-Israel articles, by which I mean articles that defended Israel's actions. Jacob Shrybman wrote about how "the flotilla is not what it seems," and provided videos of the weapons held in the ships. That article is the only place on the HP where you can find those videos, but more on that later. Rabbi Daniel Gordis (a brand new blogger) wrote a great piece on what really happened. Richard Z. Chesnoff wrote an article basically claiming that the FGers wanted a fight and got exactly what they wanted. Rabbi Shmuely Boteach recognized the events of the raid as a tragedy, but called out the activists as "violent thugs" and condemned the world's hypocrisy. And finally there is Alan Dershowitz who wrote about how Israel's actions, though not in his opinion very wise, were legal.

So to recap: There is twenty one blog posts critical of Israel (some using extremely loaded language) versus five posts defending Israel, with still more being written. Who says the Huffington Post doesn't tell both sides of the story?


  1. Who says there is balance on HP? Anti-Israel articles outnumbered pro-Israel articles 3-1. That is balance, alright.

  2. Israeli kills considerably outnumber Palestinian kills.