Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On Spamming and Copy-Bombs

We have talked about the phenomenon of copy-bombing and spamming before, and those people who are familiar with Internet discussions have probably seen them a million times before. Generally only the anti-Zionists use them, though are a few exceptions. The most common forms of these is when one user makes multiple posts one after another without replying to other users. They generally take the form of paragraphs (long or short) pushing one particular point of view (Israel is bad) and sometimes a link is included as well. Here is one example:

None of these had anything to do with the topic at hand. The most common topics of these kinds of spamming include:
-General waving the bloody shirt/playing the victim for the Palestinians.
-Talking about bygone incidents that make Israel look bad (like Rachel Corrie/USS Liberty)
-UN Resolutions.
-Quotes by people like Noam Chomsky or Norman Finkelstein.
-Youtube videos that may or may not show Israeli soldiers/settlers doing something bad.
-General threats/calling for Israel's destruction.

One of the reasons that I brought this up was to show that on the Huffington Post World section, at least, there isn't very many spammers or spamming of this kind. We don't see it with articles about Pakistan, Syria, or even the Vatican. That being said, there are probably people who do this in the "politics" section, but I don't read that enough to know for sure.

I also know that the Huffington Post moderation system doesn't allow for spamming, and they can't cover everything, but isn't it interesting that the Israel-related threads are the only ones that have this kind of endless copy-bombing spam.

Could it be that there are users who only use their accounts to mindlessly spam anti-Israel propaganda? And yet they are always so quick to call the Zionist posters "hasbara!" Very informative.

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  1. Spamming and "copy bombing" threads with unrelated materials should be grounds for banning a poster and removing their posting privileges. If I did it here, I know what the consequences would be. And I have no idea why the HP moderators allow the anti-Zios to get away with that kind of behavior. It should not be acceptable, period.