Wednesday, June 9, 2010

News on the HP: Turkey Blocks Google

Sliding in along the middle of the HP's "World" Section is this interesting story:
"Turkey's web users again bear the brunt of heavy-handed censorship as the Telecommunications Commication [sic]Presidency indefinitely shuts off access to several Google services, including 'Google Docs.' The move follows the banning of the popular video-sharing website YouTube for alleged insults against Turkish Republic founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk."
 Remember during that Anat Kam case last month when Israel passed one gag order due to a criminal investigation? And we had everyone from Mya Guarnierni to Max Blumenthal and Dahlia Scheindlin there to preach doom and gloom at us? Remember how they proclaimed this is just one more sign of Israel's inevitable descent into fascism?

Where are they now?

(By the way, right now the Turkey thread has 18 comments).

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  1. Yup. Only the Jews are news. But we knew that already.

    Just don't call it a double standard.