Monday, June 14, 2010

More News the HP Doesn't Cover

Today there was a shooting attack in the West Bank that left one Israeli soldier dead and three others wounded. According to Elder of Ziyon it came just a couple of weeks after Israel removed a checkpoint in the area; I wonder if there is a correlation there.

Also interesting is that a group called the "Flotilla Martyrs" claimed responsibility for the attack. I wonder if (a) the flotilla supporters would be at all bothered that terrorist groups are motivated to kill by their actions and (b) if the flotilla organizers are proud to have left such a bloody legacy behind them. More likely, though, they will simply blame Israel for everything. Palestinian PM Fayyad denounced the attack.

The Huffington Post as of yet has remained silent on this story.


  1. Its simple. Dead Jews Killed By Arabs = No News. Dead Arabs Killed By Jews = News.

    Now you know why the HP isn't covering the story.