Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Amy Klein on Media Matters

Huffington Post blogger Amy Klein, who writes almost exclusively about what "Jewish public relations" published a couple of weeks ago an article about what she called "the political fallout" from the flotilla raid, which was mostly about the "We Con the World" video. In it she discusses the same topic she did last time: Namely Jewish and Israeli relationship with the media and "spinning" stories. This time she doesn't come off quite as nasty as she did last time, so maybe that is a sign that there is improvement.

In the beginning of her article she talks about the "Con" video, about how when she watched it she didn't think much of it but then in later retrospection she realized that it was probably in bad taste, seeing as how people died. Unlike some other HP bloggers, she didn't feel it was necessary to play the race card. She also talked about Caroline Glick's background and peoples' reactions to the video, but it is only towards the end we get some good stuff:
"I suppose when I said in my article here on Jewish Chosenness that the Jews were good at P.R., what I should have instead said was that many Jews and many Israelis feel that it's all about P.R. It's all about spin, winning the media war. They often point -- rightly so -- to the 2002 Jenin attacks, when Israel was accused of killing hundreds, when in the end "only" 56 Palestinians were killed."
 She's right, but I feel like that is only part of the story. In most conflicts there is no need to even fight a media war, the conventional war is enough. The only time the governments in question would need to worry about PR is to sell the war to their own people, something that neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians need to worry about. The fact that the I/P situation has a whole subsection of media struggle means that it is something that the Jews and Israelis cannot ignore. Especially when you consider that when it comes to conventional warfare Israel is clearly dominant.

As for the Jenin example, Ms. Klein seems to be misunderstanding exactly what happened. There was a battle in which 56 Palestinians were killed, most of them terrorists. But 23 Israeli soldiers were killed as well. Despite this the Palestinians ran to the world media and claimed that Israel had "massacred" hundreds of Palestinians. It is not an "accusation" Ms. Klein, when news agencies are reporting it as fact, as they were. In fact there are still people who think that Israel really did massacre innocent people at Jenin, the same way there are still people who think that everyone who died in Cast Lead was a civilian and that Mohammad Al-Durah was murdered by Israel.

These kinds of perceptions are what Hamas and the other Palestinian terrorists are banking on, Ms. Klein. They no longer fight to destroy Israel on their own, they fight to make Israel look bad. She then goes on to say that the Israelis feel they can never win a media battle so why even try? Ms. Klein doesn't weigh in on the subject, she instead simply reports what her "friend" says, so we'll have to wait and see. We know that Ms. Klein writes almost exclusively on this topic, so it's likely we'll be hearing from her again real soon.

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  1. Its not like HP has a full time reporter on any other media issues that deserve attention. And Ms. Klein will be back, alright!