Sunday, June 20, 2010

MJ Rosenberg Plays the Race Card

I am sure you have all seen this video, which has been circulating around the Jblogsophere for the last week or so. If you haven't already watched it, please take a look:

Yesterday HuffPo blogger MJ Rosenberg cranked out an article declaring this video not only to be "blatantly racist" but being "circulated" by AIPAC, his nemesis. There are two problems with his article, let's start with the first:

This video makes fun of three distinct and specific public figures: Ahmadinejad, Erdogan and Assad. Unlike the "We Con the World" video (which the HP also called "racist") this video was attacking individual people, and so there is no way that any honest journalist could say that it was going after any specific group or race beyond the three leaders. Certainly not any more than videos or cartoons making fun of President Obama are racist just for existing (with some exceptions). It seems pretty clear that this is just another Huffington Post blogger playing the race card when he has nothing else to say. And Rosenberg has nothing else to say, clearly, because after this he has nothing more to say about the video.

Second is his claim that the video is being circulated by AIPAC and his implication that AIPAC made it: "In days of yore, AIPAC would never do anything this blatant. But then neither would Israel, which has also been promoting these videos." Right? Unfortunately for Rosenberg, the video was produced by Latma, which also made the "We Con" video, not AIPAC. I did a little bit of research into seeing whether AIPAC was the one spreading it around the Internet, but I couldn't find anything. Rosenberg of course doesn't provide any links to back up his claims, because he said it was sent "through email," but in that case he should have an example of an email as evidence. I can't help but wonder if this is another news story that grew out of his paranoid, AIPAC-blaming brain. It certainly would fit the pattern.

A couple of other observations:
-Rosenberg quotes himself after the video when he says: "First, earlier this spring, its student activities czar, Jonathan Kessler, openly spoke about how AIPAC muzzles Congress." Remember when we covered that? Not only was the video edited, but Kessler didn't even say anything particularly controversial. He didn't say that AIPAC "muzzles" anybody, what he said was that AIPAC (just like every other lobby group) tried to get people who agree with them into Congress. It sounds like Mr. Rosenberg is promoting his own mythology and misleading his readers. Again.
-Check out this quote by Rosenberg:
"I have no problem with a pro-Israel lobby. But not one like this which evidently cares nothing about Israel but only about sucking up to Netanyahu and preserving the occupation."
 The video didn't have anything to do with the Palestinians or with Netanyahu. Again, notice how Rosenberg gives the impression that "the Lobby" created this video when Latma did. Maybe Latma is part of "the Lobby" but somehow I don't think so, considering they're based in Israel. He finishes this comment by saying that the good pro-Israel lobby is J Street, which I like to call the "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" pro-Israel lobby.

In the end, Rosenberg's latest article was short but told us quite a lot. Of course, most of it we already knew.

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  1. That MJ Rosenberg is an incredibly stupid person who couldn't be bothered to do original research and obviously doesn't understand what satire is. If he did, he would have understood the video in question had nothing to do with AIPAC or with Netanyahu, which are not mentioned anywhere in the video! If he can't get the basic facts right, what hope is there for the rest of the anti-Zios? The HP needs a better anti-Israel poster. Rosenberg isn't simply getting the job done.