Friday, June 25, 2010

MJ Rosenberg: "AIPAC Owns The Senate"

From MJ Rosenberg's latest blog post:
"Lobe has it exactly right. (Take a look at this AIPAC-drafted Senate letter, designed to show that, flotilla or no flotilla, AIPAC owns the Senate including your favorite liberals)."
And if that wasn't bad enough, Rosenberg linked to another article written by himself titled, "On Israel, Congress Still Obedient" which concludes with the sentence, "Our United States Congress hard at work, doing what it's told."

To whom is our Congress "obedient?" Who is telling our Congress what to do? Pick your answer: It's the Jews. Or it's the Zionists. Or it's "the Lobby." Does the Huffington Post staff really think that this kind of thing does not contribute to the anti-Semitic myth of the Zionist Occupied Government? Or do they just not want to know?

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  1. And if MJ Rosenberg really believes that, then how can he as a Jew, have any free speech rights? The other anti-Zios make no distinction between Jews who support Israel and those who can't stand the Jewish State.

    Which gets lost on Rosenberg who shills for them.