Monday, June 28, 2010

A Little Terror Support Goes a Long Way

One of the main talking points HPers who are devoted to defending Iran at all costs like to use is the "fact" that "Iran has never attacked anybody, Israel has attacked lots of bodies". Well, aside from the fact that the past is the past, an article from the BBC sheds some light on just exactly how passive Iran really is.

Something most HPers are not aware of, or don't care about, is the terror bombing of a Jewish cultural center in Buenos Aires in 1994, an attack that killed 85 people. I could point out that just as anti-Zionists spam complaints about the U.S.S. Liberty and Rachel Corrie, pro-Israel users could post this over and over again as well, but don't, and what does that tell us about either side, but instead we'll talk about this new article.

The article states that,
"The international police agency, Interpol, has voted to approve arrest warrants issued by Argentina for five prominent Iranians and a Lebanese...Argentine authorities accuse Iranian officials of having masterminded the bombing which they say was carried out by the Shia radical movement Hezbollah, based in Lebanon. The Iranian suspects include the former Iranian intelligence chief, Ali Fallahian and the former leader of the elite Revolutionary Guards, Mohsen Rezaei. In 2006, Argentine prosecutors issued arrest warrants against eight prominent Iranians, among them former president, Ali Akbar Rafsanjani, and former foreign minister, Ali Akbar Velayati"
So, in essence, Iran's top officials have been accused to support and masterminding a bombing that killed 85 civilians and was aimed at Jews (not Israelis). Iran may not march their own armies into battle against "the Zionist entity", but they seem more than willing to help others achieve that goal. 

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  1. They do. But who cares? From the impression one has had of this century so far, the biggest threat to human rights and world peace is perceived to be Israel. And that twisted focus is not going to disappear any time soon.