Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jihadist Syria? HuffPosters Nowhere To Be Found

Yesterday the Huffington Post posted a front-page editorial from the New Republic that read, "Could Jihadists Overthrow the Syrian Government?" The article itself talks about the Obama administration and how it is approaching Syria in an attempt to engage it. According to the author Obama believes that keeping the Assad regime around (despite it's autocratic nature) is helpful because it will remain stable and therefore allow Syria to be relied upon. The author doesn't consider this to be a particularly good idea. I suggest you read the article, it is interesting, even if you don't agree with it's conclusions.

What else is interesting is that, despite all the talk about human rights violations and the possible destruction of freedom in Syria altogether, the Huffington Post talkbackers are nowhere to be found. Amazing! There is currently not a single post on the entire thread. But don't you worry, they are hard at work tracking down the possibility of autocracy in guess where:

I'm not knowledgeable enough on the subject to say with certainly whether or not "Kahaneism" is prevalent in Israel nor whether or not Lieberman and Netanyahu are racist. But it's pretty tough for either Hedges or this poster to claim that assassinating an enemy combatant in Dubai or striking back against a hostile terrorist entity is either undemocratic or racist. But I guess you don't need evidence if you make your point loudly enough.

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  1. Its not really shocking. The Left after all marched in support of Saddam Hussein's fascist dictatorship. Its not Arabs being oppressed by Arabs and killed by Arabs it has any interest in. Its only aroused by what Jews do to the Arabs.
    So no wonder no HP poster has replied yet to this article.