Monday, June 21, 2010

Israeli TV and the HP

We know that the Huffington Post brings in news information from a variety of newspapers, blogs and other sources of news. From the Middle East it has taken articles from Ha'aretz, the Jerusalem Post, and Al Jazeera (that last one featured prominently during the flotilla raid). But did you know that the Huffington Post also watches Israeli TV? That's right, they do, but only sometimes.

For instance, they somehow missed an Israeli report which showed more detailed videos about the flotilla raid beyond what the HP had already covered:

But it's all right, nobody's perfect! After all, they were probably very distracted by all the entertainment and satire coming out of Israeli TV. For instance...

As I wrote yesterday, HP blogger MJ Rosenberg was stunned to find a video mocking Ahmadinejad, Erdogan and Assad and promptly labeled it "racist."
This comes on the heels of a couple of weeks ago when another blogger, Eileen Read, was outraged at the (again) "racist" video "We Con the World." It really is nice to know all of these HP bloggers are keeping such a close eye on the Israeli media! Too bad they keep missing stories that make big headlines in Israel but never quite make it to the Huffington Post.

It isn't just the blogroll, though. The Huffington Posts' "News" section is clearly watching Israeli TV closely as well. How else could they headline a story about "Israel Mocking Foreign Journalists" with a misleading article implying that the video was made by the government. And way back in February they also gave a headline to an Israeli commercial featuring a Barack Obama lookalike!

It sounds like when there is something being broadcast that could be spun to make Israel look bad and/or racist and/or ridiculous, the Huffington Post staff has their eyes glued to the television. When there is a story that might shake up their worldview, though, they've already changed the channel.

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