Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Israeli Children Crippled, HPers Nowhere To Be Found

Yesterday the Huffington Post published a blog entry by Jacob Schrybman of the Sderot Media Center. In the article he told the story of Osher and Rami Twito, 19 and 8 at the time, who were maimed by a "harmless" Qassam rocket. Here are some further details from the story:
"The rocket attack left Osher in a coma for two weeks. The young boy had to go through intensive surgeries; his left leg had to be amputated, and doctors had to operate on a hole in his chest and his injured lungs. The older brother Rami's legs were also badly damaged and operated on.

After a year in the hospital, Osher was released in a bright red wheelchair. His right leg was still badly damaged, but a new artifical limb was fitted on his left."
I cannot help but wonder if this were a story of Palestinians being hurt by Israeli weapons (and you know the HP loves those) how quickly the anti-Zionists would come charging into the thread. But this time it was a ghost town: Right now the article has a grand total of seven comments, most of which have been made by pro-Israel commentators.

But there was one that I thought I would share, in reaction to this story of innocent children suffering:

Remember guys, we're the ones who are the hateful, blinded, brainwashed, unthinking propagandists! This was a perfectly acceptable response to this article, right?

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  1. Punish the Jews! Every one knows Israel started the Gaza War, right?

    Never mind a story that shows the truth is the exact opposite!