Monday, June 21, 2010

Israel Ends Blockade, HPers Freak

Yesterday the news came out that Israel was going to "end" the blockade of Gaza, by which it means that everything will be allowed through except weapons. The Huffington Post covered it, and the resulting thread has almost 2,000 comments over 25 pages, and still going. If you have been reading the threads for the past week or so, you may remember that most of the comments were centered around, "If only Israel would end the blockade, there would be peace," or variations of that sort.

So now that Israel has done exactly that, did the HPers meet this news will praise and adoration? Hell no they didn't! Here are some examples of comments from the incredibly long thread!

Israel VIOLATED the commands of it's OWN declaration of independence by failing to draft a constitution. Israel is not even legally legitimate under it's own requirements.
Israel must make itself legitimate before they ask us for another DOLLAR.
That included CUTTING OUT THE "JEWISH THEOCRATIC STATE", creating an ESTABLISHMENT clause and protecting the HUMAN RIGHTS OF PEOPLE, without discrimination.


The PRESS doesn't represent this country. We knew that YEARS ago.

IT'S TIME FOR ISRAEL to give Palestine back to the Palestinians.
They stole by unfair and foul means - the Palestinians needs their homeland back.
Otherwise this will go down as ethnic cleansing of the worst kind with the US as backers of this catastrophy

Only until Jewish boys start dying in the same numbers and frequency that U.S boys are dying will there be peace in the Middle East

Do you forget that Isr ael k ills Pa lestin ians 1000 to 1. Is rael also uses wh ite phos phorous on civilians which is a war crime. Is rael is 1000 times worse. A rog ue aparth eid terr orist state.

The United States simply foots the bill each and every time Israel attacks anyone.
The US pays for it by borrowing from China and stealing from its tax payers against their consent.
It costs all of us, The United States Tax Payers to feed Israel, maintain Israel, pay for its atrocities and terrorism against the human race.
Israel simply gets a free ride.

Reminds me of Pilate washing his hands.

We should have boarded the ship and shot five Jews in the head and killed 4 others and claimed they tried to attack us with sticks and knives.

Finally. No thanks to the US who doesn't dare criticize their masters.

Too little, too late.
Terrorist Israel already killed countless Palestinians, attacked the convoy carrying supplies for the refugees and killed unarmed volunteers including one US citizen Dogan.
That is exactly what happens when our tax dollars end up in Israel's pocket against our wills.

Just goes to show: Satisfy the AZs on something, and they won't thank you. They'll just find something else to complain about!

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  1. Even when Israel surrenders to its critics, it doesn't gain any gratitude for the concessions it makes. These are taken for granted, pocketed and forgotten and a new line of attack is then launched against the Jewish State. This happens every time Israeli Jews are nice to the world's anti-Semites. Of course it will never change their hatred of the Jewish State! The pro-Israel blogging community needs to keep beating that point home into the heads of Israel's leaders until they do get it. Israel can't buy the world's goodwill, period!