Friday, June 11, 2010

The Huffington Post Wrote Back!

My letter to the HP received a response from their "community support" address:
"Hey Zach--

Well, how can I lay this out for you in a way that's encouraging, but not that encouraging?

My boss forwarded me your note, which her boss read and commented on (I'm not sure if you got any kind of reply)--and which was probably seen by everybody up to the comptroller.  Editors would have seen it too (& they are basically the folks in charge of all the stuff you're talking about)--but I haven't seen any comments from them, so can't comment on their take-away.

My boss liked it a lot and was really impressed with your arguments, tone & evidence.

I think you're fighting the good fight and I encourage you to continue.

 I don't know if this means they will make any changes based on the letter, and this is all I received from anyone. But it's still nice to know it actually went somewhere.


  1. Good to hear. So far its been just talk. There should be a zero tolerance policy for anti-Semitic views on the HP. Its a matter of enforcing it consistently.

  2. Is this a fucking joke?

    Please Please Please put me on your shit list. I would feel that I haven't been doing my job if I don't make it. I am not in anyway anti-semitic of course, but I ma sure you wouldn't see it that way


    PS Just a question that has always puzzled me and which I would like answered. If Zionism as framed by the likes of Herzl and Jabotinsky entailed evicting Palestinians, and the Palestinians are semites, then is not Zionism itself an anti-semitic movement/idea?

  3. I am not anti semitic but anti racist and anti zionist and totally anti israel.

    We are working hard to get 2 NATO countries on board for next flotilla.

    Good thing we have millions and growing good people that will be eventually putting the most vile racist nation on earth out of business

  4. Good job.

    Jabotinsky was rejected by Herzl, anyone with a minute knowledge of Zionism would know that revisionism is not the same as Herzl's zionism (hence why it is a *revision* of it). And no, the idea was never to evict the Arabs, hence 20% of Israel's population today is Arab.

    As for the idiotic warbling about NATO- the defensive pact is for invasions of member territory, not aggressive incursions and illegal actions to violate legal blockades. Or, for that matter, to provide cover for governments colluding with civilian organizations to attack soldiers of foreign governments.

  5. Hey Daruka,

    the "good people" are not trying to destroy Jewish nationalism. On the contrary. "Good people" recognize that, given the history of the Jews, they are entitled to self-determination and self-defense. I would submit to you that the people who tend to side with Hamas and who want to see Israel destroyed are anything but the "good people."

    In truth, these "good people" that you refer to are the equivalent of modern day Nazis.

  6. "And no, the idea was never to evict the Arabs, hence 20% of Israel's population today is Arab."

    First point, they are not 'Arabs', they are Palestinians. I really wish you guys would cut that de-identification crap. Its transparent and frankly racist. Should I start calling the majority of Israeli's eastern Europeans?

    Second point. Even though you claim the idea was never to evict the Palestinians, this is exactly what happened. And please don't come out with that garbage about them running away because they were told to. I only have to read Rabin's autobiography to know that its crap. So even though you claim this was not desired, Herzl et al must have known that this was inevitable if you try and move a million odd foreigners into a region that already has a people. In that sense the Zionists were/are sniveling hypocrites, crying in public about how they wanted to get along. If Zionists really believed such a thing then there would be a right of return for Palestinians. The revisionists were at least honest and up-front about their intension's.

    Why don't Zionists just say "Fuck you, we took it" rather than constructing an elaborate self-deluding fantasy version of the birth of Israel. While Israel is allowed a right to self determination and defense per se, it does not have the right to shift 800,000 people into the West Bank and expect complete security whilst the land grab is on.


  7. Hey ab73, I have a Palestinian-English dictionary to sell to you. It may come in handy when you communicate with your friends.

  8. ab73- at the time of the breakup of the mandate the Jews were referred to as Palestinians. And Arabs with Israeli citizenship are Arab Israelis. They are a distinct group from Arabs who are not citizens. It is not racist to have effective and identifiable terms to distinguish peoples' legal status.

    And no, Herzl did not predict that the UN would not come up with a proper transitory/partition method because a) he died in 1904 and b) he thought the Arabs would welcome the Jews for bringing wealth and development to the land, as they initially did.