Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Huffington Post Bloggers Keep General Petraeus Myth Alive

Do you remember in late March when General Petraeus supposedly said that Israel was putting American troops in danger with it's provocative policies toward the Palestinians? You should, the Huffington Post published two articles about it. But if you also recall, it turns out that Petraeus clarified his statements many times, and later praised Israel for the good works that it did. CAMERA has a detailed account of the whole story from start to finish. The Huffington Post even published the corrections in a blog post by Heather Robinson and a news story by Matthew Duss.

Despite the truth of the story coming out, anti-Israel Huffington Post bloggers continue to push Petraeus' false statements weeks and now even months later.

We'll start with Daoud Kuttab who wrote three articles containing references to Petraeus' words. I wrote about the first two here. Since then Kuttab has written another on May 5th which contained the sentence, "Popular American General David Petraeus finally revealed a public position that many have been saying behind closed doors for decades."

Second there's Ahmed Moor who published an article that contained a brief reference to Petraeus on April 26th, almost a month after the whole affair had been settled.

And finally (you knew this was coming) we have MJ Rosenberg who has been cranking out the articles. His most recent was on May 30th when he referenced "General Petraeus' warning....that Israel's occupation policies endanger US troops. These things matter." Yeah, you know what else matters, Mr. Rosenberg? Truth! He has also continued this myth in Huffington Post articles on May 24th and April 15th.

All of these journalists have a commitment to the truth and to tell it like it is. They have the right to their opinions but they don't have the right to mislead their readers about easily verifiable facts. It has been too long since the whole affair for them to claim that they were unaware that the truth came out. It doesn't strike me as a coincidence that none of these journalists directly quoted Petraeus or provided a any links. Either they are completely oblivious to facts that they don't like, or they are deliberately ignoring them in favor of perpetuating what would have been a very effective attack on Israel's policies. This kind of behavior speaks volumes about the kind of journalist the Huffington Post hires to write in their Mideast section.


  1. The good General called it like he saw it, but then was told to clarify.

    You really think he changed his opinion?

    Your whole post is drivel.

  2. How exactly do you know his opinion changed? Based on the testimony of someone who was there, he was misquoted by the anti-Zionists who wanted to spin his words to attack Israel:

    Petraeus has in fact remained consistent, consistently pro-Israel. It's not the first time someone has been misquoted for the purposes of slandering Israel, and it won't be the last.