Friday, June 11, 2010

Huffington Post Bloggers Continue To Push "Massacre" Psuedohistory

In the immediate aftermath of the Gaza flotilla raid last week, there was a lot of strong language and hot air being blown around. The misinformative headlines on the Huffington Post did not help. Most people came away with the impression that Israel had walked onto the boats and killed fifteen people, and so accusations of "massacre" rang across the Internet.

But then the truth came out:

Despite the violence on the part of the activists, which as Jon Stewart pointed out was shown across every major news network, the Huffington Post blogger community continue to cling to the distorted Palsbara interpretation of the events. Mostly this simply involved leaving out the beaten and hospitalized IDF soldiers, but other times included bringing back "the m-word." Here are some examples:

Ahmed Rehab: "There is more outrage in this country over some bumbling comments she recently made than over the murder of a US citizen and eight others by our ally, Israel, on the high seas."

Mira Kamdar: "By pitting unarmed protestors (okay, so a few wielded kitchen knives when their ship was attacked) on a humanitarian mission against a government steeped in the logic that the best defense is a strong offense, the flotilla achieved the inevitable outcome: the martyrs won, Israel lost."

Sandy Tolan: "By boarding the ship outside its territorial waters, and killing at least nine of the civilians on board, Israel once again weakened its moral position, such as it is."

John Feffer: "Israel kills nine peace activists and the Post blames... Turkey!"

Phyllis Bennis: "Israeli commandoes murdered nine humanitarian aid workers in international waters....And this time, Israel's savagery may just have made our job a lot easier. When the histories are written, it is certain that Israel's Flotilla Massacre will be remembered as a key battle..."

Josh Ruebner: "On May 31, Israel interdicted, boarded, and assaulted the Gaza Freedom Flotilla... [and] killed nine civilians, injured dozens more, and abducted hundreds against their will to Israel for detention and deportation."

Dan Freeman-Maloy: "In the aftermath of Israel's violent seizure of the Free Gaza flotilla early this week, it's important to emphasize that leading elements of the international community set the circumstances which resulted in this massacre."

And there are more. And there will be continue to be more. All of these statements were made long after the videos had been released and the truth will come out. Therefore we can conclude that these HP journalists were either woefully uninformed about the facts of the case they were writing about, or that they were deliberately trying to misleading their audience through straight-up lying or lying by omission. It wouldn't be the first time such a thing has happened, though. Not by a long shot.

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  1. When it comes to anti-Semitism the truth doesn't matter. If I hate the Jews and Israel passionately, the facts wouldn't change my beliefs. The truth is the truth has no effect on some people. That's just the way it is in the world we live in.