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HPW User Profile: Tasies

Tasies is a user that pops up every now and then. He really caught my attention with his long diatribe yesterday, so I thought I would take a look at his profile. What I found were a lot of insults toward peole who disagreed with him, attacks on Israel and racist comments about Israelis, as well as some borderline anti-Semitic rants about "Zionists." But I'll let the comments speak for themselves.

Tasies has about 1000 comments, of which the first 500 have been profiled. He has been active since January 2008, has too many fans to note them.

Gaza Blockade: Israel Warships Trail Gaza-Bound Aid Vessel

“"anti-semites," quit your belly aching and whining. If anything, you're a raging and frothing anti-Palestinian who supports an apartheid practicing state.”

Gaza Blockade: Israel Warships Trail Gaza-Bound Aid Vessel
“Your response is a hack job full of hasbara horse manure, to put it lightly. Let's disintegrate your puerile dishonesty. First and conveniently so, the Israeli terrorists have yet to release the full video of the bloody proceedings. Secondly, the picture of the supposed weaponry is an amateur job at best, it implies a complete disregard and cynicism, the lies and distortions are so lazy the Israelis should just come out and admit that they maim and murder, and that they could care less for world opinion . Third, the flotilla was attacked and its members were well within their rights. Fourth, there are still bodies missing from the Israeli barbarity. Fifth, cameras from the passengers were confiscated (I'm sure nothing to implicate the savagery there.)
The elements in the world community with a conscience and a back bone should implement an embargo on the rogue and infantile state of Israel. The US should be viewed as Israel's lap dog and not be depended on for any trace of equity.
Defenders of Israeli savagery display a flaccidity and soullessness often associated with narcissism compounded with an irreversible sense of infallibility,”

Through the Looking Glass: The Myth of Israeli Exceptionalism
“The corruption of your reasoning reflects a infantile sense of superiority and bigotry. It's important that you mention human shields though, for it is your beloved apartheid state that has engaged in such cowardice.
The Hasbara is getting really sloppy and lazy. Time to get back to the old drawing board.”

Israel REJECTS International Probe Of Deadly Raid; Obama Administration Says It Urged Restraint
“Whether HAMAS refuses or accepts the aid has what exact bearing on the barbarity and savagery displayed by the IDF? Polish up on your Hasbara.”

Israel Boat Raid Sparks International Outcry
“The profitable Zionist enterprise has a card under their sleeve. Their reckless and putrid behavior has a much more cynical purpose than simply engaging in aggressive "pre-emptive" action. Perhaps they are trying to permanently condition people into accepting their savagery, barbarity and impunity. In essence saying, "We are Israel, this is what we do, we torture, maim, and murder, and there isn't a thing you or anyone else can do about it."”

Pat Buchanan: Too Many Jews On The Supreme Court [UPDATE]
I think dual loyalty is a legitimate criticism. It should be well beyond anyone's expectations that the US should have individuals in high posts who have served in a foreign governments or armies. Meaning, the slightest semblance of conflict of interest should be eliminated, specially when dealing with something as delicate as national security and foreign policy.
As far as Zionists and their influence on our government, you'd have to judge whether their lobbying or influence is beneficial to the US or not. Obviously, the American Zionists will claim a mutually beneficial relationship, but there is plenty to question as far as that claim.”

Israel's Supporters in the Diaspora Need Not Speak in One Voice
“Maybe Desmond Tutu and Ghandi will break up that Palestine hate in your blood."

Lars Vilks, Muhammad Cartoonist, ATTACKED During Lecture (VIDEO)
“I've had orangutans make a more polished response than your cheap little puerile rant. Your inexpensive and racist mongrel like bias is cheaply obvious."

Lars Vilks, Muhammad Cartoonist, ATTACKED During Lecture (VIDEO)
“It's always big news when Muslims rise to defend their faith through violence or what not, when the threat of violence has been used to limit debate on the holocaust (David Irving), it becomes perfectly justifiable, not only perfectly justifiable, but subject to state sponsored censorship and incarceration. So it's all well and dandy to depict Mohammed as a canine, but don't get close to even questioning the Holocaust. FREE SPEECH LIVES.”

Israel Ready For Deal On Palestinian State, Peres Says
“Of course, because the perennial sacrificial lambs (zionists) suffer from no indoctrination and Palestine hatred themselves. Time to turn the record on the flaccid and brainless cliches used to justify Israeli barbarity.”

Jim Traficant, Ex-Con, Running For Ohio Congressional Seat He Once Held
“Go Jim, one of the few who had the gall to stand up to the Zionist Industrial Complex.”

There's a Whiff of McCarthyism in the Air
“No, he's an automatic Israel supporter. Charcoaled babies and slain poverty stricken mothers don't do it for him.” [The """charcoaled babies"  line is spammed many times.]

There's a Whiff of McCarthyism in the Air
“Such a stretch Mr. Harris, the creativity for Israeli apologetics must be running dry. There is indeed a form of McCarthyism within the Jewish community, those who are automatic, unabashed and unquestioning supporters of Israel, and those who find Israel's actions more than regrettable. And there is another form of McCarthyism in our gov't, those who lay at Israel's feet, and those who find Israel's actions more than regrettable but could care less about being re-elected.”

Netanyahu To Obama: We Won't Halt Building In Jerusalem
“These shameless jackals cry, moan, whine and belly ache because the Arab world won't recognize them, yet they indulge in the most arrogant and soulless form of racism, identity denial. It's too much to ask for them to feel any shame though.”

Bishop Richard Williamson: Holocaust Denier Convicted
“Well well then, here's an example that's more in line with my claims.
No Sir, the people who are responsible for the potential of the Holocaust to be deemed "tiresome" are those who misuse it and apply it as a tool for manipulation. IE the ADL.
I'm sure you have an extreme amount of justifications of why the Holocaust receives exponentially greater air time than 90% of genocides and tragedies in the last century or so, but such disproportionality will continue to be a constant brow raiser. "

Does Israel's Crackdown on Journalists Suggest a "Crisis of Legitimacy"?
“Wow, the weak diversion continues. It really is shameless and over used. Face it, assume it, and deal with it. Israel is a gross violator. On par with the worst violators in the world, and no amount diversion is going to negate that. The Israel war crimes and human rights violations apologists are predictable beyond absurdity.”

Israeli Warplanes Reportedly Bomb Gaza Strip
“Part of the cheap Israel propaganda; go after the human rights organizations, question the legitimacy of international law, label conscientious Jews "self-hating," divert from Israeli crimes, revise history, exploit the holocaust, exalt the "restraint" of the IDF, advertise the superiority of Jewish accomplishment, question the Palestinian identity, and that's just the superficial stuff.”

Heckuva Job, AIPAC ++ Names of Members of Congress Backing Netanyahu
“All of sudden, because the US slightly closes their legs to Israel, the Zionist conveniently bring up the plight of the American Indigenous people. As long as the US bends over for Israel, there is not a peep of concern for the American natives.
Well, as a person who has native ancestry, Israel is indeed a ruthless colonialist state.”

Latest US-Israeli Point Of Tension Sparked By American Developer's Housing Plans
“Yet another mediocre Hasbara agent. They're coming in full bloom in Huffpost now. The biggest belly aching, propeller hat wearing babies are the Zionists. You add entitlement and superiority to the equation and you got yourself quite a little despotic movement.”

Latest US-Israeli Point Of Tension Sparked By American Developer's Housing Plans
“And why would his Chief of Staff serve in the IDF and swear allegiance to the US. Fact is, the Zionist in the US gov't are duplicitous to say the least.

AIPAC Conference: Who Are These People? Me, for One
“AIPAC stands on the vanguard of propaganda, often resulting in the dehumanization of the Palestinian people. It's comprised of people from various political shades who share a pathological, mystical, and at times macabre connection to identity and ideology. AIPAC represents the ultimate form of group think and mediocrity, where few, if none of its members, practice any identifiable form of independent thought, and are all too willing to be manipulated and led, much like cattle.” 

Pelosi Welcomes Netanyahu: 'We In Congress Stand By Israel'
“What's new? Why even report it? Israel's Lap Dog, inc., also know as Congress and Senate, is parroting the same brainless, spineless, and unconscionable Zionist line. Big yawn, time turn the page.”

Obama's Bullying of Israel
“The narcissism and infallibility is beyond reproach. Actually, the Jews who choose not to be "good Jews" and tow the Zionist line, are those who are ostracized, belittled, and treated as traitors by the Zionist enterprise. The disobedient Jews are those who choose to apply a glimmer of conscience to the situation.
The diversion you use is so trying and old. I tell you what, I'll just focus on the killing of penguins in Antartica, that should negate any focus on Israel's apartheid practices."

You Can't 'Smile Israel Into Peace'
"Now, let's address the murderous tyrants from the Zionist end. Or shall we pretend those didn't exist?”

You Can't 'Smile Israel Into Peace'
“...and of course there were some Zionist who had dealing with the Nazis. Rudolf Kastner and Avraham Stern to mention a couple. You see, the more one looks into things, that one more realizes that they were guilty parties in every quarter. Anything to secure that homeland, I suppose.”

Biden Condemns Israel's Approval Of Plan To Build New Settlements In East Jerusalem
"To deny that Palestinians were not forced from their villages by the terrorist Zionist entity, turn you into a Nakba denier, and thus should be subject to the same denial. "

Biden Condemns Israel's Approval Of Plan To Build New Settlements In East Jerusalem
“Geez, diversion is really overused tactic by the Israel apologists. The attributes you flower over Israel strangely fuse with ethnic cleansing, theft, murder, indiscriminate destruction, violation of human rights, expansion of illegal settlements, torture,etc. etc. A pariah state with a deep, deep sense of narcissism.”

Dr. Gordis's Jewish Problems
“Odd indeed, when Israel is the one engaging in the unlawful barbarity. Yet, another hollow, intellectually dishonest argument exploiting the perception of victimhood all the while engaging in
behavior that would make Attila the Hun blush.”

Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh Murder: Dubai Police Say Assassins Had European Passports (PHOTOS)
“Too bad there's no such accountability for the blood thirsty Israeli leadership.”

Countering Israel's Crackdown on Pro-Democracy Activists
“Zionist are apparently also anti-semites; such is the case with Sir. Goldstone. The label is ever expanding, cynically driven, politically expedient and libelous. I'll sit back and let Karma do its thing.”

Clinton: 'Iran Is Moving Toward A Military Dictatorship'
"It's time to call it as it is. The US is run by anti-Arab and anti-Persian racists who have no respect for Arab life, and who cynically exploit the pro-Democracy movements in Iran in order to grab a piece of the pie. Not only is the US, France, and Britain historical imperialist and tyrants but should be considered caricatures with clowns as leaders who throw their weight around as if they had any credibility left.”

Lieberman Tells Reid To His Face: I'll Vote Against Current Health Care Bill
“Your comments are completely designed to dehumanize and delegitimize the Palestinian people. They're based on AIPAC talking points, filled with drivel and propaganda, and worst of all, lacking any meaningful, coherent point.”

Dems in House to Pass Resolution Defending Gaza War
“Your support of the Gaza massacre and all activities Isreal puts you in par with Dick Cheney.”

Israel Threatens Palestinian Phone Service Over War Crimes Claims
"Damn, a lot of you Israel apologist have called it quits on your humanity.”

Obama Loses Israel Settlement Fight, Pivots In His Demands
"It's convenient that pro-Israeli quacks never mention Taba, where the Israeli contingency didn't even bother to show. Israel is rogue state, built on paranoia, racism and superiority. Israel a shameful example of how a nation should behave, a rogue state with American collusion. It's too much to expect this nation to feel any kind of shame and compassion. I suggest they invest in a conscience and a soul.”

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  1. Anti-Semites like to judge the Jews. But they get offended when the Jews seek to judge them. They can dish it out but they can't take it.