Tuesday, June 29, 2010

HPW User Profile: Perry Winkler

Despite his excellent taste in avatars, a quick glance through Perry Winkler's comments reveals that he has a definite problem with Jews and Israelis as well. His comments are the usual fair: Racist comments about Israelis, comparisons with the Nazis, calling people who disagree with him "hasbara." Really the only thing that makes Winkler unique is that he complains about the "K" on foods in supermarkets, that all the foods in the US are kosher just to satisfy the Jews, and that the money to buy kosher foods goes partially to Israel. Gee, that sounds familiar.

Perry Winkler has been active since June 2010, has about a thousand comments, and 74 fans.

“Of course you believe wiki because you know your fellow Hasbarists have full-well edited most entries pertaining to Israel/Palestine in Israels favor.”"
 "Why is Israel holding children? Why do Israeli soldiers rape or threaten to rape Palestinian boys in order to get confessions under duress? How many children are being held in israeli jails that fell prey to these deranged animals? Can you answer? I dont think you GAFF since they are after all just christian and muslim arabs.”"
"Maybe if more Jewish parents taught their children that these things are wrong then things like this wouldnt happen, instead this father [Shalit] encouraged it when both of his children took part in aiding a criminal act [serving in the Israeli military]."
“Hes probabl sitting in the Cyber division of the IDF right now so what do you expect him to say when you tell him the truth about his army? lol
They work so hard at fooling everyone else that they actually believe their own hasbara now.” 
 "Oh man how you degrade yourself to make israel seem to be a victim, thats like saying the KKK suffered at the hands of the blacks in the early 20th century.
Be ashamed of yourself for even trying to pass that stuff off as being anything resembling a truth.” 
“If you are jewish let me tell you that you have some nerve being a revisionist and denier coming from a people who abhore revisionists and deniers when it comes to your own religion or people. I guess though that when you have it like that where its against the law to deny things about your people that it makes you feel entitled to be able to do that to others. It just makes you look ignorant.” 

"Your heroes killed many people in ancient history too so who are you to look down your nose at anyone? I guess you forgot about Israelites own little massacre of all the Canaanites huh?”"

"If it were the Jewish people being put on a forced diet you would regurgitate up old visions of the holocaust and scream bloody murder at the top of your lungs, but since its only mere animals and an inferior race like the Palestinians its "Obviously, they're not struggling too terribly under the blockade". Go on, you know you wanna say it.”

“Europeans dont have land in the Middle East. Europeans belong in europe. I guess you must be lost.” 

"I think zionists will lie with just about anything. Especially when it comes to their boycotting. If its jaguar they will say I was going to buy a jaguar but Ive changed my mind lol as if they were ever planning on getting a jaguar. They will do anything to shield Israel from looking stupider than it already looks.” 

“Dude these Israelis instigate a lot of trouble. Just look at Georgia and Russia. Who do you think were the ones that supplied Georgia with arms and who do you think were the first ones to flee the country once Sh** started? "Israeli technicians". Israel will be found anywhere there is strife. They even sell our own surplus (attack choppers) that we give them to Columbian drug cartels that use them to poison our kids.” 

Progressive? Then Don't Boycott Israel

“Ill tell you where to begin..Be Ashamed! Thats where. You should be apologizing to the things you do to those people and their children and you have the nerve to cry about them wanting to throw you into the sea? You my friend are the seriously demented one if you actually believe that for one speck of a second you deserve any sympathies whatsoever. You are the one who needs help that I live in America and know of these things and you live there and you act like you dont. Be disgusted for yourself and what your country has turned into. A people that were murdered at the hands of maniacs have now turned into the maniacs themselves."

“Israel controls everything in Gaza. The Hamas people are secondary. Israel has the money to bribe desperate and poor people to do their bidding too. The Hamas leaders son was turned by Shin Beit. They hold so many peoples families hostage in Israeli jailsand they can threaten anyone they want to keep their loved ones locked up for years if they dont comply.
The IDF rape or threaten with rape, little boys to gain confessions for rock throwing. Anyone depraved enough to do that will stoop to any levels to get what they want. 
Especially the Shin Beit who are notorious for their torture of visiting arab-americans for days at a time.”

“Is that why it was Called Philistine?
They are the Palestinians. So how could they have not existed since "the dawn of time" I think you meant Israel has not existed since the dawn of time...2000 yrs ago.
No one is trying to destroy Israel but Israel is destroying everyone else. Attacks in Iraq, attacks in Lebanon, attacks in Syria, attacks in Palestine, hit squads in UAE,forging passports, assassinations in France, blowing up factories in france, murdering nuclear scientists, assassinating politicians, kidnappings...need I go on? You act as though Israel is an innocent little sheep in all this and they are but the poor poor victims who never do a thing that causes reactions.”

“Id rather suffer and not use the things you mention than allow israel to maim, murder and punish an entire population of Christian and Muslim men women and children just because they are not Jewish.
I refuse and you can post a million things and I still wouldnt buy it on principle.”

“You make up the most ridiculous things. You must work for the IDF”

“I believe it is within their rights as an occupied people to do whatever they can to fight off their oppressors.
If China sent an occupying army to NY tomorrow Id be on the rooftops throwing bricks if I could. I suppose you would let them just walk in and take your home, kill your family and if you had a business , just walk in and take it over? Wow! Your family would feel safe knowing that.
Why dont you just admit that you would just like it if the palestinians just said "here take my land, take my children, take my house and Ill put a gun to my head and kill myself for you"? Would that make it ok in your supremacist book of occupying a weaker non-jewish people?”

“NTT I realize that you are short on things as far as brains go but what are you talking about?
Why in the world would I need to be someone else when I can say whatever I please in this account? Paranoid zionists scare me.”

“Hoiw were the arabs Nazis? Oh are you going to use the Mufti as example like a good little Hasbarists? Well The Muftio left in 1939 and he met Hitler in 1941 so your sad little attempt at Hasbara has failure written all over it. On top of that the Palestinians, if they are still alive at this time might have been infants. Only a ziofascist would hold an infant responsible for something like that. Its no wonder your ilk drops bombs on kids in UN schools.”

“The war of 48 was fought on Palestinian land. They were fighting to keep the Israelis from continuing Plan Dalet further into Palestinian land.”

“Id like to see every product in the USA Kosher-free again so we are not financing Israel by taxes alone but through tithes paid when we buy a soda or a box of cereal.
Why is everything in the USA Kosher for the sake of 10million people?”
[He only has a problem with Israel, honest]

“Yeah these poor shmucks take an attitude because we dont fall for their hasbara.
lets see their attitude when US aid is cut. They will be on their knees begging.”

“They dont bring War Criminals to Justice? What planet are you on? Do you make this stuff up just for the sake of saving Israeli war criminals?
I think you better read up on that.
Listen you can peddle your islamophobia to a bunch of scared Christian evangalists, but the majority of Americans wont fall for your scare tactics. If we in the USA should worry about anything its the Zionofascism thats taken hold of america by its short & curlies. Its funny how you can say that while every single food & drink product in the USA has been blessed by a rabbi and marked K or U for kosher. Hows that for a minority taking over the majority?”

“Hey, when everything I eat and drink doesnt have a K, a U or a P on it to satisfy a mere 10,000,000 people out of hundreds of millions, then you can talk about conspiracies of takeovers. I think the threat of ziofascism is more realistic than your tinfoil hat global threat warning.
I shouldnt have to be paying a rabbi to bless my food and drink when Im catholic.”

“That was the ships engineers wife and kid. Lots of people bring their children in the US to protests idiot. Its the IDF that are the murderous morons that use a child to try and take over the ship. Only you and other hasbarists try to turn it around and blame it on the parents for what the IDF chooses to do. A kid gets blown up in Palestine after finding a land mine and morons like you blame the parents for letting them play outside. Hasbarists are just plain aides to the evil.”

“Thats part of their handbook. The Israeli foreign ministry has guidelines for them to follow.”

“Who cares WHAT ISRAEL SAID? Its not Israeli territory. Its AN ILLEGAL OCCUPATION. Do you understand what ILLEGAL means? You cant have a legal blockade on ILLEGALLY occupied territory.
Not the "chosen ones", not the regular people...No one. No one is above the law. Sorry please try again.”
[Please contrast this to the "occupied can do whatever they have to" post above]

“Only people like you believe the IDF and not out of their honesty but out of your own beliefs. Israel will lie and you will swear to it as long as it means dead arabs, or the possibility of more arabs leaving Palestine.”

“Well I know the Jews werent exactly nice to the Canaanites thats for sure.
Did you ever think that Karma has a way of coming back many times over. You should hope and pray that karma doesnt come back again for whats being done to the Palestinians. I dont think Karma likes 2nd visits.”

“Yeah christians and jews were Dhimmis but they still enjoyed freedom and profited in most cases so whats your point? Were there Pogroms as in Europe? I dont think so.
This guy is exaggerating about arabs killing jews for centuries.”

“The Jews defame themselves by committing various crimes against many nations and on top of that they are breaking International law going on 40 years so spare me the violin act and quit with the sympathy because I dont feel sorry for you when you support BS like the flotilla killings, the use of forged passports for an assasination on foreign soil, indiscriminate bombings of UN buildings while children are inside nor the daily kidnappings, arrests of innocent people for years without a trial. So spare me the "woe is me" routine. Keep supporting it and you only prolong it and make it worse. If you care about Israel you would not support the crimes that its government commits”

“and you are ok with Pedophile IDF thugs raping little boys?

“Israel has no legal blockade. Maybe in the mind of Israel it is...to everyone else not only is the occupation Illegal but the blockade is just as illegal. Israel is a criminal state.”

“I read the article idiot. I read it this morning. I dont need you to give me your hasbara translation. Its just like any one of your moronic ministers in the israeli government making threats to Iran...it means nothing unless Naetanyahoo backs it up or makes the claim himself. 
Maybe you are the one that needs to understand how governments work and who holds the power.”

“Who ever said Israelis were smart?”

“"Many attempts have been made to attack and slander the Jewish State, almost all of it based on anti-Semitism. One of these attacks is to boycott, divest, and impose sanctions (aka the BDS Movement). "
Nice try with the anti-semetism claim. I am proud to be antisemetic if thats the case. I gladly boycott Israel and its racism as well as its murdering of innocent civilians.”

“What was wrong with that? The mouse told the kids that they will resist and that he hoped with the help of God that they win. You are upset that he didnt tell the kids they should lay down and die for the sake of the Israelis to take their land? lmao. You are funny.”
[defending Hamas' TV programs that teach kids to hate Jews and seek martyrdom]

“Yes and that would hinder the Jewish people from stealing Palestinian land..we know its not complicated.”

“You consider Israel as being civilized and humanitarian. Seems to me that you are the one that believes what you are told. I go by facts and what I read and see with my own eyes.”

“If practically every single product in the grocery store that you eat or drink is Kosher for the sake of 20million people in this country , then what do you think will happen to this guy? NOTHING.
Only people like Helen Thomas will go smeared accused of saying something she never said, while people like this sentator make elitist and inciteful comments against an innocent people”

“As long as this didnt occur in the USA I could care less what those people do. Its not our business. If we didnt like it , then our government should cease doing business with them. When you have people like the Bushes kissing them and holding hands while walking what more can you do? Not my concern.”
[After pages of rants about the plight of the poor Palestinians, suddenly "if it doesn't happen in the US, it doesn't matter"? Sounds like hypocrisy!]

“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbors
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors goods
I guess they are selective.in how religious they want to be or it doesnt matter when they arent the same religion.”

“I dont need your Hasbara history lesson I have heard hasbarists and their little twisted versions of what in their twisted minds gives them the the right to abuse people and oppress them. 
Your Israel hasnt existed for over 2000 yrs so what does that say for you.”

“and? Helen Thomas was referring to the illegal settlers in Occupied Palestine and not Israel but it didnt stop this a$$hat from smearing her all over the net
Aside from that Cheech Marin Is Mexican so he can do it”

“They caught several teams of Mossad that Day in and around New York. I posted links above. You just have to click the "Click here to see all the replies" and they are listed.
Teams were caught at the george washington bridge in a van where there were traces of explosives found in the white van they were driving.
Then the 5 that were filming were working as movers in an Mossad front company in New Jersey”

“Its easy for you to do your state sponsored hasbara work and lie everyday and think everyone else does the same as you. Its called projecting.

“He was born here tool.”

“Like whats a blood libel to you? Dropping a bomb on a UN school with 50 kids hiding inside? Thats not a libel thats a fact. Israel and people like you make libelous statements about Palestinians and anyone that supports them.
Israel came up with every definition in the book to describe those aid workers on the flotilla. Terrorists, mercenaries, activists, militants, al-queda supporters, and Im surprised that Nazi supporters wasnt thrown in for maximum effect.
More "Im a victim" spewing. Dont look now but your hypocrisy is showing.”


  1. He belongs with his now banned fan Paniziram on Stormfront. What a nice guy!

    Yeah and he's just a victim of the Jews!

  2. I crossed pens with this lunatic in the past. He is a racist of the worst kind. And is a real intellectual light-weight. He knows no facts and is all slander and defamation.