Friday, June 18, 2010

HPW User Profile: FalseConsciousness

FalseConsciousness is a nasty piece of work, who has a mad-on for Israel out of all proportion to criticism of it's actions. He also appears to hold some racist views toward Jews as well. I could go on but I'll instead let his comments speak for themselves.

FC has about 550 comments, has been active since December 2009, and has 130 fans. 
David Cameron: Gaza Is A 'Prison Camp'
“Only Jewish supremacists and their apologists still deny that Gaza is a prison camp.” 

“The terrorist apartheid state is not being sincere. Only 130 out 4,000 items of basic supplies are allowed in.”

“The Irish people are lucky to have a government that stands up to the arrogant and brutal Israelis. If only the US would seek justice for its citizens when they're victimized by Israeli state terrorism”

“You have a point. It will be tremendously difficult for many Jews in Israel to get over their racism and superiority complex”

“You're right, Israeli Jews just can't stand the thought of Palestinians suffering.”

The real threat to the Israeli Jews is their own bigotry. Their deeply reactionary form of nationalism makes it impossible for them to treat Palestinians humanely and guarantees endless conflict.”

“The apartheid state deserves to be blockaded until it grants all Palestinians in Israel and the Occupied Territories citizenship and equal rights. The Zionist project has brought nothing but misery to the Middle East.”

“The root cause of the conflict is Zionism and the bigotry it promotes.”

“Millions are unemployed, millions are losing their homes, thousands of teachers are being laid off and schools are being closed, yet we're funding an apartheid state that routinely spies on us and murders our citizens with impunity.”

“As long as Zionists continue to cling to their racist ideology there is no hope for the future. Israeli children are taught that there were no Palestinians when the Zionists plundered the land, and they're taught that the whole world is against the Jews.”

“Those largely harmless rockets were fired in response to the illegal blockade of Gaza which constituted an act of war.”

“Zionism is to blame for the hatred of the average Israeli Jew towards Palestinians. Their reactionary form of nationalism and their superiority complex make it impossible for them to treat Palestinians humanely.”

“What a nauseating display of arrogance and cynicism. The racist Zionists have no shame.”

“This reveals a lot about Israeli society and its ugliness.”

“The source of the conflict is racist Zionism. Zionists think they are superior to indigenous Palestinian Muslims and Christians and propagate the myth that the whole world is against the Jews.”

“Those calling Helen Thomas a bigot just can't handle the ugly truth about Zionism.”

“Zionism is the root cause of the Israel-Palestine conflict. This hateful ideology has convinced European colonizers of Palestine that they are superior to the indigenous Palestinians and that there is worldwide conspiracy against the Jewish people.”

“Have you heard of the Nakba? The ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinians from their ancestral homeland by European settlers”
[revisionist history]

“Zionism is a racist ideology that has convinced too many Israelis not only that Jews are superior to the indigenous population, but that the whole world is against the Jews. This hateful ideology is the source of the entire conflict.”

“You're not fooling anybody with that nonsense. Hamas believes in the "two-state solution" unlike the Israel. Hamas is a national liberation movement, not an international terrorist organization. Their enemy is the Israeli state, not "The West".”

“Another American murdered by the apartheid state and Clinton doesn't even raise her voice or expressly condemn the atrocity.”

“ don't want to get banned for "anti-Semitism"”

“If you were attacked in the middle of the night in international waters on your way to break an illegal blockade, what would you do? It is clear that the Israelis opened fire first and killed some activists and only then did some activists take action to defend themselves with the limited means available to them. Israel had no right to raid that ship, it was a despicable and unforgivable act.”

“The Israelis have a superiority complex that prevents them from seeing the truth.”

“The Palestinian shouldn't negotiate with terrorists. They should continue on the path of peaceful resistance.”

“"A mosque is an insult to all who died, and those who voted in favor of this outrage must have been drugged."
Seems like you're the one on drugs.
"The voices of moderation for Islam remain silent when the crazies rant their inanities in public."
Just because the media ignores it when they do, doesn't mean that ordinary Muslims don't condemn terrorism, not that all Muslims have to apologize for every terrorist attack.
"The Muslim world has an agenda and we are morons if we don't realize what it is."
Replace the word "Muslim" with "Jewish" and you'd sound like a fascist circa 1940.”
[hypocritical when compared to his posts about Israelis]

“It [Israel]'s only a democracy for its Jewish citizens”

“Good for Elvis. If only Americans could boycott that apartheid state instead of funding their atrocities with the taxes we pay.”

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  1. "res ipsa locquitur" - we get a pretty informed understanding of FalseConsciousness and what he thinks of Jews and Israel. In his world, his side is the only one that is right and the other side is wrong. He is not on the HP to promote dialogue, tolerance and mutual appreciation.