Tuesday, June 1, 2010

HPW: Robert Naiman's Gaza Freedom Article

Huffington Post blogger Robert Naiman started the last round of Gaza fleet articles with this one praising them for their "nonviolent resistance." Of course it isn't very impressive that outsiders aren't being violent, it's Hamas violence that Israel really needs to worry about. Anyway, the talkback thread was pretty tame but there were a few comments worth sharing, including a couple blatantly anti-Semitic ones. At the time I wrote this there are about 350 comments and the thread is fully moderated.

Israel will crush the non-violent protest and kill a few people, so what?
Obama will greet and smile at Netanyahu next week while the AIPAC sells out America for a few pieces of gold.
Obama must tell Netanyahu get out of the WEST BANK, including Jerusalem and free the Gaza strip, which Israel has turned into a 5 mile wide concentration camp.
There is no sympathy anymore for the played out old line of 'poor long suffering Jews'. The world is watching, and we are shocked. Peace will only come once Israel frees Palestinian.

Richard Pearce
My, such a reasoned response to a simple question.
And I guess the answer is pretty clear. You support the Israeli governemt policy as blindly as those who supported the Jim Crow laws, and for much the same reason.

To all those people who constantly whine about Israel's neighbors being "dedicated to it's destruction" or "want to destroy Israel" I say this:
It was the Jews choice to go live amongst Arab Muslims, so what do they expect? I would not expect anything different. And why should the rest of us care if the Jews living in the area are constantly threatened with destruction? If they don't like it, they should move. There are plenty of non-Muslim Third World countries that will take them in with all their investment money. They would live quite well in India and Africa, for starters.

Let me answer your questions:
Do you think that Israelis take pleasure in going out and ruining Palestinians lives? Yes
Do you really think it's their policy? Yes and yes
Or are you just trying to be dramatic about it? If the truth hurt that much then by all means, keep living in your own made up world.

I would call it a civil war and an occupation.
To call this a war is nonesense. If that was the case, Israel would have leveled Palestinians decades ago. Instead it is a systamtic legal slow motion genocide. The Gaza Massacre 2008 proves what Israel is capable of. The whole world saw it. I dont care how much PR Israel tries between the MSM, internet blog division and legal trickery; it doesnt change the fact it massacred 1400 people in broad daylight for 23 days using all the modern military tech at it's disposal.

This is the most fanciful propaganda spin I have encountered in a long time. 100% of the land belonged to the people of the Middle East. European Jews should have been entitled to 0% of the land. Israel should be more than happy with what they got without continuing to steal more land from the Palesitnians.

There are international rules to war. If Israel wants to be a part of the international community, it will have to bow down before us and like it.

So I'm supposed to believe what comes from the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Hahaha! You people lie like a rug.

Tallen - the better informed don't care for your bigotry.

To all those ridiculously claiming that the siege of Gaza is legitimate b/c of Hamas I ask: why the double standards? Let's put Israel on a blockade for election a neo-fascist as prime minister and foreign minister as well.

What an ally we have. Taking all the heat for their stupidity. No thanks, let the barbarians like Netanyahu kill his own children before committing (endangering) a single US troop's life for his "Greater-Israel" aspirations.

Blake - Hamas = Israel. Israel was created by terrorists whose goeal was to drive the Palestinians off the land the had legal title to. Hamas advocates using whatever means possible to regain the land Israel drove the Palestinians off. If Hamas is crazy then you have to admit Ben Gurion and other Israeli Prime Ministers were tarred with th same brush.

JL Turner
Are the babies who need food,diapers and medicine Hamas ?
What this is , is genocide by sanction, blostered by lies and propaganda. Seems to me a certain group of religious fanatics learned from their oppressors how to oppress others in the same cruel inhumane fascist fashion.

Again! The things the hasbara fanatics like you don’t understand is, nobody is going to take you seriously when you make ridiculous claims, because all your claims are either lies, self-gratifying opinions, or name-calling, or some childish attempt to make good peace loving people appear to be anti-semetic for opposing the brutal occupation and policies based on superiority. Yeah! I rather have the head of our diplomatic corp, the one that is suppose to represent my country, to be an ex-bouncer! Nice try!

Linda Milazzo
My deepest gratitude to the heroes on this human rights flotilla. They've put their lives on the line.
Thanks, Bob, for covering their valiant efforts. Let's hope the world is watching - that justice prevails - and these valiant heroes succeed.

If you say that about Huffington Post, if you're a non-jew, try and post on the Jewish online media outlets. You would see a big difference. It is so controlled you wouldn't believe it. There is definitely more freedom on Huffington Post. Only when it follows their agenda? You must be talking about the Jewish media.

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