Wednesday, June 2, 2010

HPW: Obama Administration "Concerned" by Gaza Raid

First in a long line of Gaza raid-related threads, we have this slightly older one about the Obama administration expressing concern. It hit about 300 comments and was fully moderated.

Dov Goldberg
The longer Hillary, Barack and the USA remain silent on this despicable terrorist action, the more the world will suspect the USA was aware of Israel's plans given the USA's historic blind support & defense of Israel.
US citizens should stop suffering for Israeli war mongering.
How many more American needs to die b/c of the USA's irrational and blind support of Israel, a rogue, terrorist, and inhuman regime.
Enough is enough. The USA must stop supporting Israel's imperialist policies.

i want the 6th Fleet patrolling the coast of Gaza and defending civilians from rogue states. if Israel wants a freaking war let them declare. in the meanwhile their genocidal policies will be stopped.

White house chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel served for a short time for the Israeli army not to mention his parents named him after an Israeli soldier. You think WH is going to say anything? Wake up!

James Croteau
Peace Talks? Enough with the carrots already, its beyond time to get out the stick. Thats the only thing an apartheid country like Israel will understand.

LOL white house express concerns. This is when we know we've lost all sovereignty to the lobby

"White House expresses concern". I'll predict: Obama was softening on Israel's illegal settlements and innumerable human rights violations after, as is his style, a flamboyant speech and stand followed up by no action. Now he'll make another speech of 'justifiable displeasure" and then wait it out until it fades from memory and he'll be back to coddling the US's spoiled child of democracy hiding behind Uncle Sam while taunting and bullying their foes. Israel needs to man up and act like a legitimate democracy instead of emulating on a small scale Germany's racially and religiously motivated human rights violations and quest for 'Lebensraum' with illegal settlements. The ironic parallels between those wronged by the Nazis and their use of the Nazi's tactics is scary. Come on Israel, you can be better than this.

WTF! How are we going to hear anything other than the Isreali side of the strory since they have locked the people that were on the ship up! Only after Israel has filled the airwaves with its lies and its spin will we hear the other (correct) view of what happened. It is time for the U.S. to dump Israel who are nothing more than terrorist themselves. They have become the monsters that persecuted them in Europe in the last century. I have said that what the Palestinians need is a MLK or Nelson Madella. Maybe this is the beginning.

Only after AIPAC gives Obama permission to say something, it is not up to him.

It is time for action, not just words. If any peaceful civilians or diplomats were killed by the IDF then the US government should suspend military aid to Israel for a year. Israel is big on sending messages, I think it's time they learned how it is done.
The truth is that Israel is working against US interests in the broader Middle East by pursuing a narrow minded foreign policy. Israel is a nation-state suffering from a seemingly unending cycle of PTSD that begun with holocaust survivors. The formation of the modern state of Israel was founded, in part, using terrorist methods against the British. (King David hotel bombing)

I hope the AIPAC did not hear what you said! Because, they are the ones who formulate the US policy on Israel. Washington's job is just to echo them!

Stuart Goddard
Israel must stop this kind of behaviour. The entire Jewish state seems to be acting like some sort of abused child, Lashing out uncontrollably in any direction and still the settlements go on. It makes me ashamed to be carrying Jewish blood about 25% I am told

Isn't it interesting Israel has become that which nearly destroyed them.

Name three who aren't.
They own us, they say it out loud and they are right. What we need to really know is why? Just the money?

Obama expresses "CONCERN". Give me a break. The United States has funded and protected Isreal for over 60 years, and has been the sole vote against many UN Security Council resolutions against Isreal, against the collective voices of the world for decades.
Barack, you are a joke. Ask Bibi to tell you what to say, and what to do, and see if he'll have AIPAC forward you talking points, so you can sound better.
It's time the rest of the world put pressure on the U.S. to stand with them, against the horendously inhumane behavior of the rogue state of Isreal, all perpetrated in blatant disregard of international law.

A fifth column is a group of people, like the Jewish Lobby and Neocons Richard Pearle and Paul Wolfowitz, which clandestinely undermines a larger group to which it is expected to be loyal, such as America.
Israel thanks the stupid Americans who die in Iraq for Israel's land grab.
All the time while Israel rakes in Billions of American foreign aid, or as I call it welfare, for their social medicine and subsidized housing on Palestinian land.

To quote the former prime minister of Israel, Mr Ariel Sharon, "We, the Jewish people, control America. And the Americans know it."
Does that answer your doubt about US senators, Equinator?
you think you control America... wait till that dual citizenship gets revoked

The white house should be concerned. Now everyone is starting to figure out that we are a state sponsor of terrorism. I'd be worried too if I was in charge. What happens when every other country starts thinking we are worse than Iran? What happens when everyone starts referring to Obama as the western Ahmadinejad? Israel is a terrorist state. We give Israel billions of dollars. The white house is a state sponsor of terror. Want to stop a terrorist? Get the U.S. out of Israel. Better yet, get Israel out of the middle east. Then we could maybe have peace. Otherwise, war will come, and come again.

Dov Goldberg
Anne Frank is rolling over in her grave as she watches the her own people demonstrate the same hateful, venomous contempt for human life as those who persecuted back in 1930s and 40s.
Israel, once the oppressed, is now a master at oppressing, murdering, and silencing any people who do not share their view of the world.
I am fearful Israel has nuclear weapons.
Image the devastation of such a weapon in the hands of a regime with such a short fuse and disregard for human life.

Please us they don't own you.


  1. Its all the Jews' fault. And I guess defending yourself is all the excuse needed to set an international lynch mob on your people.

    Funny how no one on the HP has an issue with that ugly spectacle of beating up on a small country trying to prevent the growth of an Iranian-armed Islamic fascist state on its border.

  2. I cam across your page. I live in the US. I love the Jewish people and Israel. I have been studying your history since I was 6. I have been reading peoples opinions on cnn, fox and elsewhere. I have tried to point them to places where they could read the facts, but they don't want to hear it. They are angry at Israel and facts do not matter to them. I have lost my appreciation for this country. I was born very patrioticly in Berlin, on a US army base where my dad was serving. I used to believe in America. No more. I believe there is no more important country in this world, then Israel. Wishing I was born there.