Friday, June 25, 2010

HPW: Jewish Dancing Group Hit By Stones

Yesterday the Huffington Post published a story about a Jewish group in Germany that was putting on a dance performance. They were attacked by stone throwing youths who yelled anti-Semitic slogans through a bullhorn.

In this case, we did not include merely abusive comments but comments that attempted to deflect blame for the incident off of the perpetrators and onto the victims, such as saying it was Israel's fault. That included those by people who usually claim that Israel and "Jews" are totally separate, except in this case.

The thread has about 900 comments and was fully moderated.

PalemoonSo long as the certain country in the Middle East continues to oppress the Arabs... this kind of thing is going to happen, no matter where the two sides happen to meet in the world.
Maybe, just maybe, if both sides would lay down their arms, try to get to know each other and stop hurting each other, maybe the world would be a nicer place. As it is, all of the world's problems can be directly traced to this conflict involving both sides. It's time for it to end NOW! With no favoritism towards either side!
FeinThe Association of Jewish University Students in Germany said Thursday the number of anti-Semitic slurs and death threats against Jews in Germany had increased in recent weeks due to the May 31 Israeli commando raid on a Gaza aid flotilla that left nine activists dead.
'Cause and effect.'
FeinThat is correct : Promoting hatred, and violence against Iranian Muslims is a feature in U.S. Synagogues ;[link]
1979ChangeThey will pay for their actions and they might go back after they spend a while in prisons!
These people are relatively educated and will then become leaders in their societies, causing more problems for everybody.
This is a backslash to a radicalization of Israelis goverment and western media is keeping quiet about this fact!
Better to push Israel to be more moderate and we will not see these types of scenes.
Israel is her own worst enemy to put so extremist PM in power.
This is the law of nature and universe, for each action there is a reaction with equal force at opposite direction.
We should not see only the reaction and see the action as well!
YellowDayThis is not news. The "chosen-squatters" attack Palestinian crops and homes everyday and no one reports it useless its the reverse way around. What song were they dancing too? The KING OF ROCK?
WRichardWagnerWhen I think of extremism, rock throwing doesn't come to mind. I think of say, bombing a UN school full of woman and children with white phosphorus.
altohoneThe radicalization of Israeli policy never gets mentioned... as if opinions aren't shaped by their actions. The linkage isn't only denied, but scoffed at. Throwing stones isn't limited when all your windows are already blown out, but targeting dancers will only hurt their cause.
jasev01This is what happens with violence especially one sided/lopsided violence, it can't be contained. When people feel they have no fair way to redress their grievances they tend to lash out and its not good for anyone anyone.
TheloniusOr 2010, in the Israeli occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza Strip (still occupied under international law) where each and every day the native Palestinians are subjected to being killed, arbitrary arrest, dispossession, collective punishment, oppression, destruction of their homes and olive groves, brutalization, endless checkpoints, humiliation and other crimes.
Let's deal forthrightly with the root cause of what took place in Germany and we all know what it is.
WRichardWagnerThrowing rocks at anyone is wrong. No need for a special category of 'anti-semitism'.
[Follow up]
TheloniusIt's a case of anti-Israelism.
american-doltMost definitely wrong, but when you consider the mere mention of denying the Holocaust in Germany may lead to a Prison sentence then I can see why people might get riled by Jews dancing in the streets.
Ok, here come the attacks, I'm not attacking anything.
WRichardWagnerIt's [the Holocaust] only incontrovertible because it's illegal to investigate.
WRichardWagnerI tried to argue the facts of the Holocaust once. I got banned. It's not allowed. Dogma.
v eyepeteIt is too bad people can not arm themselves with diplomacy instead of stones and use some understanding instead of bulldozers. Israeli settlers do this to Palestinians on their own land. The good people must come out of the closet and make a concerted effort for reconciliation and two state solution with no tricks. I think the USA has been the fall guy long enough, they will just go around us now, to hit the perpetrators instead of the enablers.
pfsdetroitWhat does Gaza smell like? [In response to a comment about the Holocaust.]
Rock JocelynI don't know if it's radical for Arabs to hate Jews. Plenty of the Jews I know (including my grandpa) like to spend their time talking about how terrible Arabs are.
HRHIs this really anti-semitism, or is it a reaction against Isreal's increasingly shocking behavior toward Palestinians, specifically Gazans?
trulylastwordsif you ask "why" the jews are so hated,
you'd be labeled as "anti-semite".
pfsdetroit70% of the worlds conflicts can be traced back to the israeli occupation.
The tentacles do go far.
Aroddoanyway, this shows how much israelis endanger the life of jews everywhere with their uncompromising attempt at running a country.
madmattIts so pathetic how jews turn an airborne raid in international waters on a boatload of unarmed peace protesters into "defending" themselves.
WRichardWagnerNo. Read the Holocaust Industry, by Norm Finkelstein.
WRichardWagnerYes. That would be shocking. However that didn't happen. Also, gunning down a boat load of peace activists would be shocking.
WRichardWagnerMore likely it was a bunch of kids that threw a couple little rocks, and the advocacy groups are blowing it way out of proportion as a attempt for sympathy.  
WRichardWagnerTo bad they had to displace another population to create there ethno-state.
cravingtruthinessSo slaughtering innocent Palistinians is acceptable as long as your chosen people are safe???
How about stop stealing their land through settlements and allowing them a normal life they are entitled to??? I bet that will stop the attacks on your chosen people better than assasination of innocents dolt.
cravingtruthinessBut you create more hate with the guns and slaughtering aide-givers.
gakabaniOleg for you the world is free as long it is not Israel! The double standards are in effect I see. For you a crime against pals in no crime, your mentality is simplistic.
Israel "Uber alles" I guess. Please stop your propaganda, it is becoming repetitive and boring.
Have a discussion not a monologue.
GeorgeP922Hmmm, the reporters missed the mark here.
This is anti-Israeli, not anti semetic.
The majority of "arabs" in Germany are Turkish, sounds broad but its pretty true.
It does not surprise me that this happens now, especially when Orthodox are viewed as the Neocons of the middle east.
What happened on the streets of Berlin is unacceptable, and people taking out their angst of the aggressive and isolationist state of Israel should not resort to bigotry.
Israel is a democracy, they answer to their voters and somewhat to the UN and Western powers.
Take your anger out on the nation, not it's ethnic/religious majority.
StaxxThe policy of oppression of the Palestinian people. That is what incites the Arab youth, and yes, violence on anyone is wrong.
ask0it is not excuses - it is reasons why there is a rise in anti-israeli sentiment around the world.
But the attacks against civilians are not justified. And I am not defending their behavior.
And I apologize if I have given you the impression that racism against anybody or any group is okay.
And you should not be attacked in any country.
I am against discrimination against any race - and at the moment my sympathies are more with the palestinian civilians who are truly oppressed. And if that makes me " anti-semitic" then so be it. But at the moment the majority of the world is "anti-semitic" and "big oted".
ask0Likewise the Western world needs to do more to educate Israel on tolerance and racism.
Maybe we should go to the source of this problem


  1. Its all the Jews' fault. The are never the victim - on the HP. Yup - in an upside down world like the one we live in, Jews get blamed for being attacked! If they were dead, oh then I'm sure the crocodile tears would flow on the HP.

    There's nothing new under the sun.

  2. Such is a primary M.O. of the mob mentality, -take actions based on signs that feed a spiteful or vengeful narrative-

    In the case of this article, the action taken, I saw, was absolutely no admission of suffering towards the victims, by the defenders of the perpetrators.


    Wanna put this guy on your "watch list?" I mean he must be an anti-semite, right?