Sunday, June 20, 2010

HPW: Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Jews Rally

On Thursday, Friday and this weekend, the HP covered an article about haredim in Jerusalem rallying in a protest against a Supreme Court decision that prevented haredi parents from preventing their children from going to school with Sephardic Jews. Even though the Supreme Court's decision combated racism and these Ultra-Orthodox are a minority in Israel, a lot of HPers took the opportunity to tell us how the haredim show the true face of Israel and how all Israelis/Jews are just like them. Oh, and by the way, this thread received over 1,000 comments while another World article about 2,000 killed in Kyrgyzstan got less than 150. That really shows what the HPers are interested in.

The U.S. simply cannot support a country that CLAIMS to be a "democracy" but where it is LEGAL to discriminate on the basis of religion. It is legal. This is no liberal constitutional democracy. It is the opposite. It was DESIGNED to be the opposite, so that RIGHTS would not be insured for anyone.
The Supreme Court of Israel made this decision based on law passed by the Knesset. That means the "law" can be changed.
That is the bottom line.
We give Israel $3 BILLION DOLLARS IN AID For what!
The systematic land grab and the deliberate actions of an aggressive government. The Israeli Defense Force is destroying Palestine and killing its people in ethnic cleansing.
America has ignored this apartheid state too long. Time to get tough on Israel.

roger that
I don't hate jews, but I do dislike the state of Israel for thier treatment of President Obama. The straight-up dis-respect for our leader has lead me to say " F them." There have been black leaders stating that " Israel control our media" for years, and they have been labeled anti-semtic. Now america is seeing first hand how Israel controls our congress, senate and media. So maybe we should go back and listen to some of those sermons again, this time without the anti-sematic label. BTW- israel will never live in peace with any nation, because Deuteronomy chapter 7 forbid them too. Please take afew minutes to read the chapter.

Racist to the core. Amazing how long it has taken for Americans to see this.
See how they act? And this is toward fellow Jews. Now imagine a Palestinian child facing anyone in this mob. I shudder at how much the Pals have suffered - and how, with all their pain and humiliation we still call them terrorists.
Shame on us.

Most people think Judaism is monolithic. It clearly isn't. It is the fanaticism and paranoia of the Ashkenazi - who wield a disproportionate power within the state of Israel who are dictating the draconian and inhumane policies of that nation.
And US taxpayer dollars should NOT be supporting this. It's like giving billions to the KKK.

Zionists are not the same as Jews. Many Jews are NOT Zionist, fundie Christians otten are.
You can make it ALL go away, if you can get Israel's hands out of our pockets.

Appearantly, this site is heavily monitored ...and censored by Askenazis.

To all the people of jewish persuasion who cry "anit-semitism" every time someone criticizes Israeili actions, please keep this story on the back burner in your head.
If there's any group of human beings on the planet that should be more vehemently against segragation, you would think it would be those of jewish descent. But alas, that appears to not be the case.

Must be the modern equivalent of those first century Pharisees and Sadusees that manipulated Pontius Pilate to execute the Messiah.

Via Dolorosa
The whole state was founded on segregation; so what's new?

Richard Aron
So, theocracy in Israel is rivaling Iran. Interesting .....

Harry Truman was so right. You give them land taken away from some one else, they will behave just like the monsters who ill treated them.

Thus proving that even being Jewish isn't enough; you have to be the right kind of Jew (but we already knew that, didn’t we?). My best friend is Ashkenazi (and a Cohen), but is always being asked if she married in. Once you get past the racism it becomes facism.
It does seem bizarre though that the least productive citizens wield such a disproportionate amount of power though. [This might be referring only to the ultra-Orthodox, I’m not sure.]

Kevin Atlanta
How are these Zionists any different from the Brown Shirts who oppressed them? Is this history repeating it's self with the Gaza Prison Camp?

Tom Volkskrieger
Like that's supposed to mean something? Elton John is broke, he needs to perform anywhere that will still pay him, like Rush Limbaugh's wedding, and in the belly of the beast of the Middle East.

Tolerance and democracy, that's our 'great ally in the Middle East.'

This is the country we are supporting? I wonder if they can bring in the national guard so they can get some great photos like they did in the 60's.
My favorite part is their claim that they aren't racist. For someone defending a school they really need to look up the definition of racist.

The mask comes off and we see Israel for the theocracy that it is .

So let's get this straight - it's European Ashkenazi immigrant jews taking against Sephardi jews in Israel?
European Ashkenazi jews seeing themselves as being superior - in the religious stakes - to Sephardi jews?
Well racist eh?

fanned democles . . . great blog . . . now why are the Dems in bed with the aipac and israel too . . .

Racist haters.
No idea why we support that club of terrorists.

This is unbelievable - shocking...! Who would have thought that the Chosen Ones eligible to call Israel home due to ... (I confess, the actual rationale escapes me now) would be so full of prejudice and discriminatory of those of a different ethnic, cultural or religious background.

Icky Sticky
So is what fills up the government known as Israel. That is the problem. However, it seems like their true God is Lucifer. What do they practice, the Torah, or the Babylonian Talmud?

Icky Sticky
How are Europeans then dominating the government of Israel? If they are Semitic, then why are they bent on eradicating and subjugating the Palestinians that inhabited that land thousands of years before their arrival?
By their fruits, Ye shall know them.

Icky Sticky
As we witness, this "Israel State" is ANTI SEMITIC in every form as they war with those that are the rightful heirs of that land. If in fact there are traces of Semitic blood in the Ashkenazi, it is so faint and certainly does not supercede the full lineage of Shem or the original Israelites. Japheth is know as the father of the Caucasions. Japheth married a Caucasian and his lineage was dominated by Caucasians. Shem married a Semite, therefore his lineage was that of Semites. The Palestinians are predominately, if not 100% Semitic. Therefore the government of Israel is truly Anti Semitic as they attempt to eradicate those indigenous peoples.

Icky Sticky
Also, Judaism and practicing Judaism does not give the interloper the right to take someone elses land. There is no justification to oppress the Palestinians the way that the "State of Israel" does. What's common about the European lineage, is that they are supremacists. They don't just coexist with others. They are of a pathology to subjugate and eradicate others. This is the major point of contention of these so called Jews that has much of the world looking at them for what they are. This "State of Israel", as far as the Palestinians is concerned, resembles a portion of the Reich that escaped from Germany or was purposely transplanted from Germany following the end of WW II. Indeed, part of the Nazi's slid over to Israel and ended up in that government. That is what we see.

thank you Icky Sticky . . . the Ashkenazi are the problem .. . they are the aipac . . .

I read Ha'aretz and The Jerusalem Post daily, and I have concluded Israel is the most racist state currently in the world.

True Democracy cannot exist in a Theocracy.

Icky Sticky
Indeed, the veil has been lifted. More and more are realizing the fraud that has been perpetrated and the legacies stolen by a people who claim a "chosen" status, but have never been anything but scorned by the populations of generations. They wrongfully cloak themselves in a righteousness that they have never earned, nor do they deserve.

Icky Sticky
Drizzle, Drazzle, Dreidel, Drone...
Time for these faux_Jews to go Home...
Back to Europe where they came from.
Helen, I miss you. Call me!
; -)

Ok, I'm out, finding out that Israel also worships whiteness is kinda boring and silly...bu
t educational in a closed minded kind of way.
C ya's

Icky Sticky
Unfortunately, their "Messiah" carries a pitchfork and has a pointy tail.

Besides the inherent racism of Israel that's another thing most Americans don't know about the Orthodox, that they would be willing to co-exist with the Palestinian's.

Yes, it makes it sound like they're ending a separate-but-equal school system. Hardly. Jim Crow lives in Israel.

Fanne! I'll go further they're no different than the former South African Apartheid regime.

Ah yes, Israel, "a light unto nations."

The U.S. armed a theocratic state and subsidized the theocrats. That never works.

Great article and very good reading.
The one state solution is taking shape in many circles, including Israel.
Zionism is Nazism

THIS is why Bibi publicly stabbed Obama and Biden in the back over the settlements. THIS is why Bibi hit the flotilla that hard.
THIS should put Schumers' Torah comments in a new light. In New York, no less.
These are OUR PARTNERS in the Middle East. Their leader and many of our politicians are pandering to THIS.
I'm disgusted. Obama better wake up.
Good luck.

These religious differences BETWEEN JEWS are concocted to cover racism.
This is between Jews. Imagine being an Israeli Muslim!

A "JEWISH STATE" is obviously the problem.
This is ANTI-JEFFERSONIAN. FREEDOM includes religion and race.
The "Jewish state" must go and in it's place a CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY, with religious FREEDOM for all people who live in Israel-Palestine.

The Apartheid applies to Palestinians. Arabs who live in Israel.
This is just racism, using religious differences to mask it. Remember, in Israel it is LEGAL to discriminate on the basis of RELIGION. That's why they argued to the court it was "religious difference" when everyone knows that's code for race.
BUT. The real PROBLEM is RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION IS ALLOWED. Therefore Muslim Arabs have NO chance; thus Apartheid.
Israel does not take kindly to Thomas Jefferson. TJ stood FOR exactly what Israel stands against.

The fact that these unreasonable and illogical people have SEVEN CHILDREN per family affords them an UNSPOKEN protection by secular Jewish Israelis.
For obvious reasons. They're running the birth and population factory for all Jewish Israelis.
Get it?
If they didn't have this to rely on in the back of their mind, you think they'd be throwing around the word "democracy"? Ha. Democracy to them is like any other tool in the toolbox. They'll use it while it works. The second it doesn't, forget democracy.
Israeli's gave you a primer on this subject after the Gaza elections.
Democracy isn't in their blood. Isn't that obvious. 


  1. The dispute is more complicated than simple racism. It involves questions of parental rights and religious loyalties. But don't ask HP's posters to look at the entire picture. If you believe the Jews are evil, there's no need to consider anything beyond the headlines. Where is the critical thinking? We can see what the lynch mob does when the Jews enter the picture.

  2. It's not stunning that the anti-Israel movement's irrational wing (admittedly not a fringe faction at this point in time) would try to use haredim-secular disputes in order to get a fix for their compulsions. An article at pulled the same stunt last year; it dealt with rioting after an Orthodox family's child was removed from their home by social services due to maltreatment, but the author quickly segued into bemoaning Israel's isolation and castigating the Netanyahu government. Some of the commenters there picked up the author's ball (for the record, he was an Israeli leftist) but to their credit, a few people noted that he was talking about an apple but trying to pretend it was an orange.