Tuesday, June 1, 2010

HPW: Israel Convoy Attack (Part 1)

There have been a lot of Gaza aid attack-related threads on the Huffington Post, rightfully so, it's big news. There have been a lot of comments, accordingly and so it's going to take us a while to get through them all. Here is the first 20 pages or so of the original convoy attack thread. It is fully moderated and has now amassed over seven thousand comments, a new record.

Most of the comments that I found were simply people who hadn't read the article fully and thought that Israel just up and attacked unarmed people who were simply minding their own business. The cynical side of me wonders if that's what the HP had intended. Accordingly there were lots of accusations toward Israel of "piracy" and "murder." I didn't count those in the post, as misunderstanding the situation does not necessarily indicate malice. Click the link below for the comments.

The Jewish people are supposed to help heal the world, not destroy it. Israel has become a nation of barbarians. This is disgraceful and tragic.

People make excuses for this evil behaviour because they don't want to be branded as anti-Semitic.

So? What does that have to do with this? Using the "holocaust get out of jail free card" is getting pretty old, much less the "pogroms get out of jail free card". It is clearly ridiculous to use the antisemitism of one people and one time to justify the murder of another people in another time. When is this tired old saw going to be retired.

Cause and effect [Click for context.]

Israel is going to "defend" it's way out of existence. They have only one remaining friend in the world, the United States. And the more our media actually covers the barbarism of the right wing militarists who run the Israeli govt, the more Americans will want our government to wash our hands of these brutes.
If you had any interest in the long term viability of Israel, you would stand on the side of justice and oppose these sorts of attacks.

And those people in Lidice who killed Heydrich were responsible for hurting their people too. How well the victims learn the tricks of the victimizers.

These Israelis are funny people. How the collective mind rationalizes their governments treatment of the Palistinian people, given their history, is very curious to me.

What came into my mind was this "Be careful before you become the thing you yourself despise. "
But I think perhaps it is too late for Israel

moussad is the biggest terry wrist movement. your obviously brainwashed poor you i bet your in israeli army. sad sad sad.

The Israeli Gov. has become a terrorist organization, how many death have they been responsible for in the last few years.

Let me explain it to you simply. The majority of the Israeli people have the same relationship to their government as we have with ours. Their government does things without them knowing about it until it is too late and they too get to vote for the lesser of 2 evils just as we do. And their government does these barbaric and stupid things like kill innocent civilians and thereby gain more enemies who want to attack them. The Jews have become the perpetual victim to the point where they live in a perpetual state of learned paranoia! Not curious, more like a national psychosis!

Nobody has the right to attack a ship carrying HUMANITARIAN AID.
The israelis are evil.

Karin Barton
I don't see it. They keep insisting they want peace and do everything they can to be engaged in permanent war. What a sickening regime

Of course Israel would have fired on an unarmed aid convoy. We know its true colors for a long time now. They do not need to be systematically destroyed by its neighbors -- they are systematically destroying themselves by their attitudes and actions.

and there you have it friends. The great lie that all Paletinians and their sympathisers are terrorists. Doesn't matter that Israel kills their children, steals their land, demolishes their houses, blockades them into the world's densest spot and then starves them to death. Here is a person that in order to justify all of the Israel's atrocities has to try to convince the rest of us that all Israel wants is peace and is a tiny beleaguered nation surrounded by enemies. Utter rubbish! If Israel wants peace then stop all of the above including illegal settlements and it can have it. Don't let these people persuade you that this is a complex situation. It isn't - it's perfectly straightforward. It's called ceasing ethnic cleansing and land theft.

They probably decided to follow the example of their WW2 persecutors. Better be murderers than be murdered.

The Jews want sympathy and the world on their side and always call foul when something happens to their people. However, when it comes to other people of non-jewish ancestry, they could care less and do as they dam well please as long as they say it's in their defense and dam all else. God (pun intended) forbid that someone questions the action(s)/motive(s) of their actions.

According to what I have been called, we are animals for sacrifice. Israel us a Nazi state.

Many Israelis consider the goyim as sub-humans anyway....
....sound familiar?

That's what the slave labor gets for being uppity. No one said maintaining an apartheid regime was going to be easy....

Yet again the bully state that thinks it's above the law has shown its true self as nothing more than terrorists themselves. This coastline belongs to Gaza and the Palestinians.

Israel does not want peace. It wants land and U.S. money,missles, ammo,planes, computers and more U.S. dollars. And don't forget the support of the diaspora. Almost half of Israelis are Americans anyway.

Notice all the Fanatics!! They will try to spin this tragedy. Unarmed civilians are being murdered by the IDF and these fanatics will still try to defend the indefensible.
Just in:
!0 unarmed civilians are killed according to the Freedom Flotilla's Lawyer in Israel.

I am disliking Israel more and more. I am grateful I am not a Palestinian. Of all people in the world, the Israeli Jews should know the oppression of ghettos...
and they have now created the one of the largest. Shame on them.

Dov Goldberg
Israel is rife with injustice and discrimination. This is exactly what I would expect from Israel - viciously attack unarmed humanitarians delivering aid because they do not agree with Israel's disdain for outsiders.
One the oppressed, Israel is more than happy to oppress others in their attempt to EXTERMINATE the Palestinians.

Dov Goldberg
Where apartheid is alive and kicking.
Read about all the ways non-jews are despicably treated as sub-humans:
But yea, I trust a country that can't even treat all people with respect with NUCLEAR weapons. I bet they just want to exterminate these people who are not as good as them

This Israeli mindset: You're carrying baby formula to a mother in Gaza? You are indirectly supporting 'extremist terrorist groups'. That gives them a clear conscience to commit whater attrocities the can think to commit, including purposefully shooting down children in the street like they did just last year.

Let us hope this report of an Israeli attack on aid ships is untrue.
If it is true, Israel is a demon and its leaders must be tried by the international court.

Dov Goldberg
Israel, once the oppressed, is basking in their role as the oppressor in their quest to exterminate others in the region.
How quickly they forget...
They haven't forgotten. Isreal is an opportunistic, aggressive nation. They still play the sympathy card and the racism card to their advantage should anyone question their motives.

Karin Barton
my only objection to your post would be that Israelis have used military force against innocent unarmed people for decades, and got away with it. They won't stop ever on their own. They have no shame and empathy. They have to be stopped

dem 01
When we start bombing them 365/7/24 ! [click for context]

Never happen. Our Congress is in their pocket and Obama can't do much of anything due to the pro-Israel lobby. The Israelis know they can do whatever they want to and we will do nothing about it except shield them if the int'l community makes a big deal about it. Pretty much what's been happening for the past 50 years or so. The Goldstone Report, which was written by a South African Jewish judge with a daughter in Israel, criticized BOTH Israel and Hamas and was deemed biased by our Congress and leaders. Clearly, there's something wrong when ANY criticism is deemed biased and Antisemitic.

Why??? Stop carnying water for the criminal state of Israel.

Thug, rogue State we should NOT be subsidizing or supporting in ANY way.

Dov Goldberg
Disgusting, but consistent with Israel's quest to exterminate others in the region.
When will American policy reflect the reality that Israel is a terrorist nation. The world will perceive us as terrorists if we continue to blindly support a rouge nation like Israel.

Only one thing makes me sicker than Israelis thinking they are somehow unique, special and superior to ALL other peoples - and abusing that understanding wherever and however they choose - it is that the hardworking majority of American taxpayers have spent trillions of our tax dollars and countless soldier's lives endorsing, subsidizing and being manipulated by the State of Israel. Now, we are not only funding a RELIGIOUS STATE with our tax dollars during a defacto American Depression, supporting an apartheid Government - we are funding the attacks on a HUMANITARIAN effort. Fellow Americans, when is enough enough??? Don't allow six percent of our population - many DUAL CITIZENS aka Rahm Emanuel - to control our foreign policy and allocate our tax dollars to this Nation any longer. We have our own problems and for those of us who are NOT conflicted (TREASON???) - we must make it clear to any new President circa 2012 we will NOT provide any more subsidies to this rogue State any longer.

The BULLY state !!!

Let's not forget about Double-Agent Emanuel.

If this is true then Israel remains near the top of the list for human rights violations
... They seem to be no better than those that persecuted the Jews some 70 years ago. It is no wonder that many have little sympathy for the State of Israel. Gaza remains a prison for many and with Israel in complete control of their very lives it is not suprising under these conditions that some in Gaza will strike back any way they can. When there is no hope and you have your human rights taken away...life becomes more than some can bear.....As long as Israel continues on this path of human suffering to the people of Gaza there will never be peace. Where is our righteous government in all of this ?? They are quick to condemn other countries for human rights violations but when it comes to Israel and its treatment of the people in Gaza and Palestine they look the other way...

Thankful for the internet so the entire world can know the truth on the ground in Gaza, how Israel never left and what monumental, lying hypocrites they are.

The same fanatics who will try to spin this massacre are the same warmongers who are advocating war against Iran by US.

The only terrorist I see is Israel and the fanatics that support them.

This rabid pit-bull needs to be on a leash.


  1. Who takes the time to understand international law is on Israel's side?

    It appears few do. So much for the wonders of the Information Age.

  2. You would hardly know it from the corporate media ...But there are Jewish people who are appalled by the Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. The media and Universities
    should demand equal time for Jewish speakers who do not agree with the positions of the right wing Likud party, AIPAC and the ADL:
    http://www.gilad.co.uk/ (born and raised in Israel,served in the IDF)
    www.mondoweiss.net (Jewish American journalist)
    Anna Balzter: /http://www.annainthemiddleeast.com/(her Grandparents were in a camp in Germany)
    “Like many Americans and many Jews, I grew up with a positive view of Israel as a peace-seeking democracy. Israel symbolized to me the one protection that Jews had against the type of persecution that had plagued families like mine throughout history. I saw the Jewish state as a tiny and victimized country that simply wanted to live in peace but couldn’t because of its aggressive, Jew-hating Arab neighbors.

    In 2003, during a backpacking trip through the Middle East, I began to meet Palestinian refugees from 1948. I didn’t know who the Palestinians were, or where Palestine was, and through my new acquaintances I began to hear a narrative about the history and present of Israel/Palestine that was entirely different from the one I had learned growing up in the United States.

    My first reaction was disbelief, and anger. Families told me stories of past and present military attacks, house demolitions, land confiscation, imprisonment without trial, and torture. It seemed that these actions were not carried out for the protection of Jewish people, but rather for the creation and expansion of a Jewish state at the expense of the rights, lives, and dignity of the non-Jewish people living in the region. It was hard for me to believe that Israel could act so unjustly.

    Not believing what I heard, I decided to do some research to prove myself right. Immediately, I was shocked to find how much I didn’t know about the situation on the ground. Not knowing who or what to believe anymore, I decided to go to see the situation with my own eyes. Since I returned, I’ve dedicated my life to informing fellow Americans and others about what I found, and what they can do to support a just peace for all peoples in Israel/Palestine.” Anna B.

    I do not respect or equate my identity with what I think has become a criminal U.S. State...There are Jews and Israelis who feel the same toward Israel.. We admire those who spoke out against the treatment of Jews under Hitler (Sophie Scholl/White Rose Society) and tried to educate the public. I will not be among the "good Americans" and remain silent in what amounts to Israel’s Palestinian prison camp...I will not walk in the foot steps of the "good German's". There are good and bad people among all religions...Christian, Muslims...and yes..even Jews..