Tuesday, June 8, 2010

HPW: Harris on Free Gaza

David Harris, a consistent pro-Israel blogger on the HP, has posted a letter he wrote to the Free Gaza movement. It actually wasn't that great of an essay, as he complains about why the FG group hasn't protested Iran as much as they have protested Gaza (a dumb argument). As for the comments, they weren't very abusive, but there were enough borderline ones that I thought it was justified doing an HPW for it. Read on for the comments.

The most incredible response I got so far from Huffington Post:
That's how low the hasbara has gotten -
 to deny the virtual holocaust they are committing against 1.5 million people. As if Amnesty International, the Red Cross, Unicef, and a super-majority of other world-reputable NGOs have ANY reason to lie about Gaza's serious humanitarian crisis. As if googling the words "Gaza Humanitarian Crisis" won't reveal millions of results, from BBC, CNN, Fix News, etc. etc. evidencing that there really is a humanitarian crisis there. AS if these posters have ever even stepped foot into Gaza - no, most were provided Disney World-like tours of Israel on "Birth Right" trips. 
It's disgusting really. Above and beyond being a supporter of ANY country, you should support an end to a human oppression that has been one-sided from the start. 
No more lies, excuses, shoddy justifications or cover-ups. Israel must change or the world will change Israel for it.

Terrible article--as usual! Kudos to responders here who have exposed the hypocrisy underlying the Harris' reaction to suffering and "human catastrophe"the concentration camp of Gaza.

Actually, Hamas has already agreed to a 2-state solution based on the 1967 borders. The Israeli govt run by Netanyahu and Lieberman have NOT.
Israel elected Ariel Sharon, a terrorist, wanted war criminal and the most despised man in the Middle East as it's leader, and yet no one in the West complained. The election of people like this are clear proof that Israel is not interested in peace.
[revisionist history]

What this article is missing is the unbiased truth, which lies underneath of all the facts that most of us are aware of. First is that the Muslims or the Middle Easterners had no say or vote in the creation of the rogue Zionists state. We emptied Europe of all the Jewish refugees after WWII into Palestine, something that Hitler wanted to accomplish and we finished it for him. Second, at the moment there are over 5 millions Palestinians who live away from their homes in the refugee camps (concentration camps) away from where they where born, in other countries. Do we even care? Obviously NO. So , why should any Muslin care about the "Holocaust"? 
The latest Killing of dozen unarmed people in the international waters by 
the rogue Zionists state and their previous atrocities in Gaza that was reported by the UN in the "Goldstonme" report has fallen to deaf ears again. Did the atrocities against the Jews in WWII fell to deaf ears as well? Are we waiting fr the ethnic cleansing to be over and then voice our opposition?!
Time is running out.

It's no surprise because you are describing nonsense that no one else believes because it is not true. Now go back and read your stories about Hamas holding up aid, and come on back with why they are doing this, and determine if they still are doing it.
For extra credit, 
please explain the difference between the "Zionist regime" and the state of Israel. 
You do realize they are two separate things right?

Poor hated Israel. Always the victim. 
Then again, maybe the Israelis shouldn't have massacred all those people by shooting them in the head or the back.
The IDF aren't police officers. They have no authority in international waters nor over Gaza. 
They are brutal and illegal occupiers.

Aja Mazin
"Let us not ignore the truth among ourselves ... politically we are the aggressors and they defend themselves... The country is theirs, because they inhabit it, whereas we want to come here and settle down, and in their view we want to take away from them their country."
-- David Ben Gurion,
The clue to Israel's activities and mandate ..
[a made up Ben Gurion quote]

Human rights of Israelis are being infringed by Palestinians?!
This author is completely insane.

Aja Mazin
world opinion would disagree when israel's action speak otherwise.
the quote is meaningful in view of of your attempted genocide of the palestinians.

Aja Mazin
" There is a need now for strong and brutal reaction. We need to be accurate about timing, place and those we hit. If we accuse a family---we need to harm without mercy, women and children included. Otherwise, this is not an effective reaction....There is no need to distinguish between guilty and not guilty" 
David Ben-Gurian 1948
[another falsified quote]

The best way for Israel to be left alone is to stop killing civilians, stealing land and comitting acts of state-sponsored terror.
Israel will be left alone when it stops behaving like self-absorbed petulant teenager and as if world owes it a living.

Aja Mazin
In a pathetically desperate and transparent attempt to justify what the entire world sees as the despicable actions of Israel, you stoop to such hypocrisy.
May you be reminded of the words of David Ben Gurion:
“We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population.”
David Ben Gurion
The first prime minister of israel
David Ben Gurion provided the template for terrorism.
The policies of Israel now haunt the israelis .
we reap what we sow.
[a third falsified quote]

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  1. Free Gaza is not about Gaza all - its about Israel. And if Gaza wasn't an issue, something else would have been invented on which to attack the Jewish State. Let's review the comments to see what its all about. Gaza? No. Israel? Yes. I rest my case.