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HPW: The David Nesenoff Video Thread

Huffington Post blogger Jason Linkins has recently found a video of Rabbi David Nesenoff performing a racist caricature of a Mexican priest. If that name doesn't sound familiar, he is the man who filmed and exposed the Helen Thomas video, which in turn led to her early retirement.

This led to a number of reactions among the Huffington Post talkbackers. Most of them began insulting Mr. Nesenoff, including such attacks as "a-hole" and "douche." Others condemned him for being a hypocrite, as if he were the one accusing Ms. Thomas of hold anti-Semitic views instead of simply reporting the facts. Another common theme was a transparent strawman argument that went along the lines of, "It's okay to make racist comment about Mexicans but not Jews. How unfair. Wah wah wah." That's a strawman because no one (except maybe Mr. Nesenoff) is saying it's "okay" to be racist against anyone, Mexican or Jews.

Don't get me wrong. Obviously if this video is racist or offensive Mr. Nesenoff deserves everything he gets. But it really doesn't have anything to do with what Ms. Thomas said. The article really isn't anything more than an attempt to shoot the messenger, and that is what most of Ms. Thomas' supporters on the HP did.

Where we come in is when a minority of the HPers, given a public example of a Jewish person doing something racist, decided to tell us exactly what they think of Jews. And the results were pretty nasty, I highly suggest you read the comments below. The thread has over 1,000 comments and was fully moderated.

The destruction of those who criticize Israel is nothing new in the United States. It has happened to many prominent people, especially in the US because of the Jewish influence in this nation.

I bet Helen Thomas is getting offers to speak or lecture. I will go see her anytime. My parents were older and I always had respect for my elders, and I have no problem with what she said at all. Older people are a lot more wise than you can imagine. When I was small you would pick up on conversations, and I use to hear older people talk about Jews, lets just say the conversations were less than flattering. Now I am starting to think older people are wiser than we think.

You can disrepect any ethnic group and you might get away with it (with a formal apology), but if you dis' the Jews, now you've crossed the line and your head must be served on a platter!
[Many comments similar to this one.]

Jacqui Taylor Baker
Helen Thomas should have said instead that the new immigrant Russians and Eastern Europeans should leave Israel and take their bigoted, anti-democratic, fascist, Soviet type views with them!

How is this surprising? Zionism is based on racist ideology--why would they stop with Arabs?

v eyepete
A rabbi dresses as a priest and lambastes Mexican people? This is OK? Where is the outrage? The people with the rabbinical gene have this country under their finger. I am not only sick of them but everyone else who mindlessly can't tell when they are being commandeered and bamboozled. This is a holy man?
Free Palestine! Stop America being attacked. I want my country back again.

Philip Taylor
Everyone else does NOT MATTER!

thomas is a bigot for calling out babykillers?

yes, since a reporter has an opinion, israel can get back to its vital business of starving babies

Actually, I think a lot of Americans want to step forward and take back our country. That is reasonable.
from corpora-fascists supporting quagmires like israel

sooooo... it's cool to do holocaust jokes now that jewish people are demeaning the plight of pretty much every nationality or ethnicity on the planet?

Well what a surprise, a jewish person that's a rascist. Never would have figured that. Wonder what he thinks about African Americans ,Native Americans, Chinese or any 'other'. Wonder if his daughter could marry a goy...

And in the irony of ironies, Mexicans have more a claim to being Jews than Nesenoff does. [Not so much abusive as WTF-worthy.]

since they are gods chosen people, they can do anything...

Why isn't the Israeli-controlled media talking about the nine deaths committed by Israeli forces ?

They are 2-face hypocrites. They scream anti-semitism and turn around and practice racism on non-white Americans. I still remember former Virginia Jewish governor George Allen's "Macaca" scandal.
They don't limits themselves to 'non-white' or purple for that matter.
We are all goy.

Freedom means that Israel and dual citizen Jews can spend millions and millions of dollars to organizations to filter what we see, attack anything that manages to slip past the filter that shows the ignorant american populace anything that contradicts / or shines light on what is really happening over there as well as to pay into political campaigns and buy influence.

Hey, there's no business like shoah business!

Here's what I gather from this Jewish clown, who is a member of one of America's most costly minority groups. He recorded Helen Thomas as she spoke the truth about Israel...a truth that I and many other Americans also believe. He then used the video to ruin her career, knowing that this Judeo-Christian country is clearly biased in favor of "the land of 'God's' chosen people" and will blacklist anyone who criticizes Israel.
This man then mocks another minority group as though they were some kind of caricaturish bafoons. Clearly, he feels as though Mexicans are foreign and clownish, whose subculture doesn't belong here among "Americans," while he (and his people) enjoy a secure place here in America...
and also in Israel, should they want to transfer their citizenship there.
I am disgusted that people like him are allowed to remain in America. If he supports Israel so much, then why doesn't he pack up and move on over there, away from here. I've had it with Zionists and all of the trouble that they bring with them. The way things are looking, Zionism will be the cause of the destruction of mankind...and maybe that's a good thing. [This comment received 9 "favorites."]

He is of the chosen, of course he is a rascist. Simple deduction, if you are a race that is chosen there must be lesser races that are un-chosen.

It has nothing to do with religion but all to do with a group of people entrenched in every aspect of Washington.

Hatred connects all fascists -- zionists, tea partiers, klansmen, same day different bathrobe.

We all need to play by the Israeli rules from now on: you can denigrate, injure, kill anyone you want UNLESS that person is Jewish. Then there must be outrage, sanctions and/or military action against that person. All persons who disagree with these rules were perpetrators or are sympathizers of the holocaust. Shalom.

Paula Ann
control the media, control the masses
murdoch is the master of this art

Jewish Rabbis think that making fun of minorities is funny? If that is so, why do they have such thin skins?

Apparently god declared Israel to be SACROSANCT. Israel, the only country on the planet that is above reproach.
Total Bullony.

The real racists are not the Helen Thomas of the world but people like this "rabbi". The Israelis think they are the chosen people meaning they are above everyone else. The treat Muslims like animals. The IDF even uses them as human shields. Israel kills, mutilates and terrorizes Muslims and they get a free pass in the US but old women who speak the truth get smeared and slandered.

Ah, the hypocrisy of it all. Say what you will about any ethnic group but don't you dare say anything about Israel.
I think this "rabbi's" actions says it all.
But it's ok, he's a chosen person. Different rules when the almighty declares you a superior race of people.

Of course Rabbi David Nesenoff made an anti-Latino video. Zionist Jewish Americans are racists who don't care one bit about aboriginal Americans and our rights in our own ancient homeland. They only care about their own rights, as alleged (just because the bible said it doesn't make it so)
aboriginal Israelis.
Adding insult to injury, they expect the assimilated Latinos and/or Native American Indians living as taxpaying citizens of the United States to foot the bill for Israel's entire existence and it's murder and displacement of the Muslim Palestinians.
This must not be allowed to continue!
Helen Thomas, meanwhile, was partially correct: Israel SHOULD stop occupying Palestine, but Jews, like Mexicans, should remain and work together with the surrounding peoples to build ONE nation, like America, that is multiracial, multiethnic, multireligious and multicultural.

Are you insinuating that they control the media? Because if you are, the good rabbi is going to take you down as well.

Ultimately the truth comes out. You can parody anybody, say nasting things about any race or color as long as it is done by the chosen ones. If you now say anything of chosen ones, the wrath is unleashed on you. 89 years old woman is disgraced for an outburst. Nothing will happen to chosen ones. It says so in the book.

I s rael and supporters are allowed to do anything..
k ill anybody, say anything..
the better... .. the ch osen ra ce
haven't you got that yet??

Horatio Nelson
Don't quit your day job!
This "rabbi" should stick to reminding his disciples that they are the chosen people. I'm sure he's good at that.
"The Jewish State" is a term that inherently implies excluding others.
Yup, apparently chosen to kill and maim Palestinians.
[another response]
And they own a lot of the US. Are you aware of the religious "string" the rabbis have strung around Manhattan to create a Jewish "house" ? They call it an eruv. How far is it from a symbolic "string to a wall just like the one they use to keep Palesitnians off their ancestral lands?

You have to be a racist to perform the moral gymnastics necessary to justify executions of unarmed civilians. Once you have convinced yourself, that a group is less than human, indeed 'subhuman' then it is easy to justify murder. You don't war with subhumans, you exterminate them. Just as the KKK justified bombing churches, and killing black children, the lack of remorse or any feelings for the victims is a necessary asset to being able to commit any outrage-precisely like the Nazis. They described it as moral courage, of a master race. There is little doubt that the contempt that the Israeli culture has for world opinion-stems from the mythology that the world abandoned the Jews during WWII. The world was preoccupied at the time, with Panzer tanks and Stuka dive bombers. Revenge and passive aggressiveness seems to motivate right wing politicians. For instance, the cowardly beating of the flotilla members, seems gratuitous at best. The lack of gratitude to the US support of Israel and the contempt for American and Western interests reflect the belief that these countries not only failed to intervene to save lives, but refused to accept Jewish refugees. The deep seated hatred of the world leads to actions which work against the self interest of these people as a viable state. They seem to be motivated to teach the world a lesson and punish it by perhaps provoking a world war.

Bigotry: stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one's own.
Sounds more like the state of Israel than Helen Thomas.

When one group has a grip on an industry like the Jews do with media this shouldn't be unexpected's the same thing with gays in Hollywood.

What was that? I didn't hear anything bigoted, unless you think practioners of apartheid are the real victims here.

I hate double standards.... really I do. Nail his arse to a cross presto!
[follow up]
"They" nailed Jesus to a cross and he was a RABBI.
FYI: CHRISTIANS are "followers" of CHRIST in fact in the old days back in the bginning you had to be a J E W before you could become a CHRISTIAN.
Bet you didn't know that either.
You want to school someone on religion learn to read and write GREEK and LATIN and a little HEBR EW: Just a suggestion.
A mind is truly a terrible thing to waste.
[I don't know what he means here, you can look at the context if you like but I don't think it will help.]

This proves Helen was wrong...NO country would accept a bozo like that no matter what their faith.
Or could it be the the Rabbi is showing the true attitude of Israel?

Great catch Jason!
Of course he won't be fired. Just like the heartless and big0ted idi0ts in lsrael who produced that awful government
-sanctioned MJ song spoof, poking fun at 9 people being m.urdered in international waters...

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