Monday, June 28, 2010

HPW: Ben Cohen's "Boycott" Thread

Huffington Post blogger Ben S. Cohen wrote an article about how if one is progressive, then one should not boycott Israel. Most of the HPers didn't even read it, based on their comments, and the usual litany of Israel attacking began. The comments in general weren't very abusive but there were a few who we felt was worth sharing. Click below to read them.

The thread was fully moderated and had about 700 comments.

max hp
World opinion is AGAINST YOU.
Why do you have to hide behind two nationalities - unsure, afraid or confused ?
Why is Israel CONFISCATING video and audio material if it's so "upright" and "humane" ?
Why is Israel HIDING EVERYTHING if it's got nothing to hide ?
[Distinctive because it is in response to a pro-Israel poster who did not indicate anything about having two nationalities.]

Perry Winkler
Why dont you just admit that you would just like it if the palestinians just said "here take my land, take my children, take my house and Ill put a gun to my head and kill myself for you"? Would that make it ok in your supremacist book of occupying a weaker non-jewish people?

Let's not confuse technological progress with human rights. There was a nation in Europe that led the world in technical innovation -- and led it all the way to the Holocaust.

i think israel has been nothing but trouble for the jews...
let's rename the damn country already! Dismantle their land-greedy and right-depriving government and replace it with a balanced one for both the jews and arabs.
it really is simple commonsense.

I would argue that Zionism has replaced Judaism with the worship of Israel. Zionism is seriously corrupting the values of Judaism.

Huff Post Censors are at work again. The Jewish lobby has totally infiltrated it lately. Anyone questioning Israel with serious facts seems to have their comments booted. C'mon HuffPost loosen up. so long as it is opinion and presented without foul language let it through. You are controlling thought just as the main stream media is. Let's get back to free speech again on the site, please.

as an american am i suppose to support..i prove that i am a good someone in our government who runs to give a speech at aipac..our one sided support of israel is undermining our efforts in the middle east as an honest broker..our government voted not to hear or debate a report by goldstone that charged israel with war crimes and crimes against the same time condenms iran for wanting nuke power..with over 4,000 iaea inspections..and lets israel not sign the npt..or require 1 iaea inspection..of its up to 400 nuke warheads..reports come out everyday of israel killing a palestinian..over 50% of gazans are children..israel holds 11,000 palestinian prisoners, 2,000 of which are women and children..funny we only hear about the 1 israeli hamas is holding..israel created and financied split the palestinians from the plo..and now calls them terrorists because they don't step and fetch..americans are tired of israel and all its baggage..its long overdue to cut the ties to this terrorist state.

Perry Winkler
Hoiw were the arabs Nazis? Oh are you going to use the Mufti as example like a good little Hasbarists? Well The Muftio left in 1939 and he met Hitler in 1941 so your sad little attempt at Hasbara has failure written all over it. On top of that the Palestinians, if they are still alive at this time might have been infants. Only a ziofascist would hold an infant responsible for something like that. Its no wonder your ilk drops bombs on kids in UN schools.

Maybe they should go back to the state the U.N. approved rather than spread like a cancer over Arab lands.

Whats wrong with hating Israel?? I hated the apartheid South African government. Can you tell me why I should not hate Israel for putting its heavy thumb on Palestinians?? By the way what the writer of this piece left out is how effecitve the South African boycott was. With Apartheid over, Israel stands alone as an historical relic and curiosity—the last remaining example of European settler colonialism. And this is how much of the globe sees the question of Palestine, through the lens of anti-colonial struggle and liberation.
The French were in Algeria for 130 years and fought savagely to stay there. Israel is only 62 years old and it, too, has fought with a ruthless amorality to maintain its ethnocracy. Time will tell if the Zionists last as long as the French did

I don't need another to try to tell me if I'm a progressive or not. Israel needs to change their ways and then they can enter into the colloquy with other nations. Until then, they remain a rogue state.....
.'nuf said!!!!!!
Remember the USS Liberty!

peace blitz
Israel is one of the biggest military powers in the world and the only nuclear power in the Middle East. Israel is not threatened by Hamas. Israel needs the bogey of Hamas to maintain its brutal occupation. At the same time, Israel is digging its own grave by reducing Palestine into dis-contiguous, non-viable, non-sovereign "bantustans" through permanent Jewish settlements, apartheid wall, check-posts, Jews only highways, control over air/land/sea routes and other instruments of occupation. The only solution that maybe viable is one state solution, which would end the majority Jewish status of Israel. A secular, democratic one state maybe the best solution to this cancer of apartheid state.

alysheba 3
Of course they don't wonder. They scream "anti-Semitism" and play the victim.

There is little that remains of progressive thinking from some, though hardly all of the earlier Zionists.
Israel has sadly and officially become a militarist colonial enterprise impervious to any notions of justice, fraternity or equality.
So how is not boycotting the sub-apratheidist Israeli regime in any way progressive?

People like you are the reason antisemitism is on the rise, you know. You know nothing about me or my feelings toward other parties in Israel. You aggressively play victim and you turn everyone off. I'd be a raging antisemite if I didn't have several Jewish friends and family and all I had to go one was you firsters' take on things. Calling everyone an antisemite is, in itself, antisemitic.

Perry Winkler
Yeah these poor shmucks take an attitude because we dont fall for their hasbara.
lets see their attitude when US aid is cut. They will be on their knees begging.

According to FAITHFUL TRIANGLE, david ben gurion and the "founding fathers" of the state of israel were criminals. Not only did they kill palestinians in their quest for the creation of greater israel, they also killed jews who got in their way.
Having a conversation with zionists will make your head spin.
Talking to zionists is alot like talking to someone who took something from you, and has no intention of giving it back. Nor are they willing to share it with you. And while you try to negotiate with them, all they are thinking of are ways to take the rest of your stuff. They also feel volrunable, and see themselves as victims, because while they were taking your property, you tried to stop them.

Now I am more convinced then ever BDS is a tool that must be used in addition to every other creative way to force Israel to climb down, before the rogue state starts WWIII.
I do not want my family and my country, the UNITED STATES, to be endangered by Israel ever escalating, out of control policies and aggression.
All these anti-American, paid bloggers and commenters can pound sand. USA COMES FIRST!

It looks like my first post didnt make it through.
The article didnt sway me at all from the BDS movement.
It's organizations like AJC, ADL, AIPAC et al spent more time looking at their governments policies then bribing, threatening, character assisination, PR, and assisinations then these problems would be solved. Why is it so hard for Israel to face the truth? Israel is more afraid of the truth and has spent so much time, money and manpower in covering lies is beyond me.

while aipac controls our government
..adl and the jewish controlled media make sure only pro-israeli point of view is heard.


  1. You don't have to read an article to know Israel is evil. On the HP, that is taken as an issue of faith and trying to counteract it with facts, logic and reason is useless. Radical leftists have come to the debate with their minds already made up and one won't receive a fair hearing from them.

  2. Loved the part about "Only a ziofascist would hold an infant responsible for something like that."
    I wonder how those evil "Ziofascist" learned that? maybe from all those christians who blamed the jews for killing Jesus Christ hundreds of years after his death?

    Nah...only ziofascist can do that.