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HPW: Arab League on the Gaza Blockade

The Arab league has released a statement condemning the Gaza blockade and Israel's actions against the flotilla. Naturally, we would all consider this to be pretty hypocritical on their part, but the HPers couldn't be happier with their statement. There were quite a few abusive comments, including a lot from a new user, GreenPartyNL. Read below for them.

I watch to see if the Arab League will follow Turkey's example and finally get tough with Israel. Israel has gotten away with murder for far too long.

Whitney Kyle
That's cr@p. You state Iran because you want an excuse to bomb them. Compared to the missiles fired by Israel, the rockets launched from Gaza are toys. More people were killed on the Mara than all the rockets from Gaza combined. Then there is that HUGE number killed by Israeli missiles. Israel knew exactly what the cargo contained, They were in Ireland when the cargo was inspected and loaded.

Yeah, well if he clears Israel, the world will have no question then will they. 
The only possible way that the world is going to believe any report from Israel will be if they indict themselves and prosecute the commandos and officers in charge of a rogue operation for employing disproportionate response to peaceable humanitarians on a mission to rescue their fellow man. The odds of that look pretty slim after the self congratulatory and insensitive music video the government was pushing.

Whitney Kyle
Hamas is an expression of an oppressed people. If Israel were not colonizing Palestinian land, there would be no Hamas. 
Yes, every Israeli old enough to know such things does know. How could they possibly not know?
And I have read the report and it reflects what those who go look can see for themselves. Yes, I generalized. Accurately.
But you fedeltz are one of them and would never admit the truth. Never.

Whitney Kyle
Now you are just getting comical. Travelling around, I have no problem being Jewish in Arab neighborhoods or lands. I am not a Zionist. Try being a Zionist and do what I do. One can't. Your claim that "virulent anti-antisemitism not so thinly disguised as anti-zionism" is a crock. I detest violent extremist groups without regard to color, creed, tribe, nation, philosophy, or any other divisive criteria. I abhor the atrocities committed by some of the indigenous people as much as those committed by Israel, but we all know there would be no Palestinian resistance if Israel was not an expansionist state that used terror to empty the land. You try so hard to make an argument that by not approving bad behavior by Israel, I am somehow biased. That is a very dishonest position to operate from.
The hype about Iran is to justify Israel's actions and manipulate the US to allow Israel to attack them. Americans are tired of war. We are tired of paying for it. We are growing very weary of supporting terror by Israel.
Yes I am generalizing again, but you know I speak the truth.

Whitney Kyle

Israel listens to no one, not even America now. Israel has no respect for human life unless its a Jewish human life. Only action is to cut them off like we did South Africa. Take away their bank access and see how fast the come around.
Number of Aid workers killed by Israel - 9
Number of Aid workers killed by Iran - 0

alysheba 3
Perhaps you should talk to Jews in Turkey.
Until Israel began their massacre in Gaza, then on the flotilla, Jews in Turkey were never afraid of any reaction from other Turks due to their religion. That has now changed. And if you talk to the Muslim and Christian Turks they don't blame the Jews, they blame the Israelis.

You shills of course realize that you only manage to make Israel look worse than it already does.
Keep up the good work.

In the 1967 war, Israel captured hundreds of Egyptian soldiers. According to international law, Israel should have protected them before taking them to court or banishing them to prison. But Israel massacred them in the desert. We never heard of any subsequent
investigation by the international community. Whose rights of self defense were infringed on that occasion?
Massacres, like Sabra and Shatila, have been perpetrated in Lebanon. The Israeli version of this story is that, “we invaded Lebanon to kick out Palestinian fighters. Or to protect our borders. It’s all about self defense.” But disproportionate force was used by Isra

Israel is no better than the mafia. Actually Israel is just a mafia with insane leaders and nukes.

Your post is completely off-topic and diversionary, but I'll respond with this question. What about the Israelis who were cheering, dancing and taking photos of the buildings from a parked van and were later deported [on 9/11]? Gee, sounds to me like they were up to no good!

HA... stopppp it!!! 
You are killing me with your jokes!
I have one for you:
Knock knock
who is there
It is us
Us who
The Irgun and Hagganah killing any Palestinian that does not leave at once!
p.s. This joke took place at Deir Yassin 1948

Why is my post with the incriminating video not showing up??? Doesn't matter. 
I see HP is still censoring the truth when it comes to Israel. HP will just lag behind with the other mainstream news in presenting the truth.
When it comes to Israel, you can't say: I saw it first on HP! - that's for sure!
Too bad, because, it'll end up going VIRAL anyway!!

They've been heavily censoring posts all day. It's better to get your news from international sources that aren't controlled by Zionists.

Perry Winkler
They are more under the Israeli thugocracy than anything

Green PartyNL
Bottom line is the USA is the puppet state of Israel ....they own the govt, the FED, etc etc. 
This guys says it right here.
How do they get away with it? Because Americans are gullible fools

The US has requested multiple times to cease settlement building. So how can that be since the settlements have expanded through every single president in the past decade?
Americas policy towards the settlements is and always has been the same. The settlements are ILLEGAL. We cannot be seen supporting governments that repeatedly break the law. I know as a zionist you have no regard for our country and your primary concern is Israel first but as the leader of the free world we cannot be supplying your homeland with aid and support while your homeland continually breaks the law.
So your statement is not credible.

That was just an excuse for when Israel blew up the schools. They have never provided proof of that [Hamas launching rockets]. Goldstone report says differently. Israel did target civilians, did target infrastructure. Your word without backing means nothing. Provide proof.

Green PartyNL
I ignore chosenites in my daily life....in fact I research before I buy anything.
And our group is growing./
Watch Israel tourism go down because we have a nice little plan for them.

Perry Winkler
Tell Israel to stop arming the Kurds if you are so worried about it [Turkey bombing Kurdish villages].

Playing the victim card has been Israel speciality for decades.

Guess who instigated and is STILL trying to instigate war in Georgia?
Thats right,. Israel!
Guess who goes around teh world with fake passports assassinating people.

Perry Winkler
Its easy for you to do your state sponsored hasbara work and lie everyday and think everyone else does the same as you. Its called projecting.

Israel needs to be disbanded.
give everyone a few million dollars to settle where they want. It will be cheaper in the long run for the USA.
The whole 1948 Balfour thing was a disaster.
Israel is a RACIST state...
Try dancing around that Hasbara with your doublesspeak deception talk.

Turkey didn't start anything.
Or are you one of those people that believes all international waters belong to the chosenites.

Old Polish proverb centuries old '''The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you''
Why would they say that?
Because of experience??

Hey Hasbara. try dancing around THIS
If not for the world watching Israel like a hawk, they would have exterminated by whatever means ALL the Palestinians years ago and built settlements in Gaza and West Bank.
Even Adolph would have been proud of them.
and Dr, Mengele would love the Israelis that are profiiting from their ''organ farm'' in Gaza.

Facts, organ harvesting for profit. going on in Gaza.

Conflating "Jews" and Israelis is a bit dishonest. 
I'd note you didn't say you support the rights of Muslims, or the oppressed Palestinians. I don't think I believe you at all..

Zionists say one Jewish life is worth 10,000 Arab lives.
Talk about pure racism. sanctioned by the USA of course.
Are you afraid of losing your ''most favored victim status'??

Why don't you stop the misdirection you schmuck Hasbara clown.

The Kurds have been waging Civil War against the Turks.
As the Armenians - *yawn*, that was a century ago.
Try to stay current.

He is criticizing Jews, he must be an anti-semite. Everyone continue to misuse the word.

just another Hasbara paid thug., IGNORE

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