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HPW: Ahmed Moor's "Zionism is Not Judaism"

e've been writing about Ahmed Moor's attack on Zionism for a while, but I wanted to do a quick HPW for it as well. The thread has about 300 posts and is fully moderated. Here are the comments:

Israel or terrorists - what's the difference? Israel has a regular army
What happens to Jews who deviate from Israel's agenda of destroying Palestine? At the very least, they are treated like Chomsky and Goldstone, or they are attacked and lose an eye.

I agree not all Jews are Zioists . . I know many . . . they are horrified by Irael's behaviour . . .read the blogs . . . There is also a fledgling peace movement in Israel that is being silenced by the current regime . . . Israel and the US are creating a situation which is dangerous for Jews . . . they are sowing the seeds of anti-semitism . . and it is frightening . . . read MJ Rosenberg's columns sometime . . . support J Street . . .

Wonderful and informative article.
Many Jewish people have been at the forefront of worldwide progressive efforts and judaism itself promotes bringing justice into the world.
However the Israeli state is another beast entirely and has become an instigator of conflict for its own purposes as it seeks to capitalize on its history in order to grab more and more land from people who had nothing to do with that tragic history, fomenting more injustice and misery at every turn for everyone around them.

I have been saying this for years, "Zioism is not Judaism". To disagree with the 'present' government in Israel is not to be confused with anti-SemitismZioists use this confusion in  definition to 'exploit' past injustices against Jewish people.
I disagree with the premise that Israel itself is a Zioist state. It has the mechanisms for democratic values, but the Israeli people have elected, and tolerated, extremely Zioist governments. From their perspective it is a legitimate government responding to Israel's security concerns. Unfortunately, its worst manifestations are its 'expansionist' policies in the pursuit of a Greater Israel.
It is said, "the Palestinians never fail to miss an opportunity for peace", and in many ways, specifically through terrorism, that is true. However, the clear attempt by the Zioist government to forcefully, through settlement, occupation, and blockade, expropriate Palestinian property is without question.
The circumstances, and murder, of Yitzhak Rabin, who was prepared to break with the Zioist agenda and pursue peace should, again, be a lesson for Israeli's and those who are friends of the Jewish state.

Historical homeland? Are you insane???? These people were Russian, Polish, German, etc. who raided Palestine and slaughtered the residents and stole their homes in 1948. 
These were white people slaughtering Arabs, they had no rights to that land and because they were white the world looked the other way.
Do you have a link to the countries, numbers, and circumstances of the expelling of Jews form Arab countries? We read a lot of assertions, but no one has provided a link, after a m=number of requests. 
Oh! And, Jews, Muslims, and Christians DID live peacefully in Palestine, before the Europeans landed.
[Jewish Nakba denial]

From which countries, were those 800,000-1,000,000n Jews expelled? Under what circumstances? What legal action has been taken?
Asked, again, because some Zioist posters keep restating that, but none have provided links., when asked.

As a Jew I couldn't agree with you more. Though Zioists love to claim that Zioism and Judaism are the same they are not. At you will find a group of orthodox Jews who definitely agree with you.

There is no such thing as Israel, there is only occupied Palestine.

"It is also the case that when Israel does something abhorrent, ordinary Jewish people around the world are forced to be defensive. Holding ordinary Jewish people morally responsible for the actions of the IsraelZioist state is not only wrong, it is racist. That's because while Israel purports to be the Jewish State, it is in fact only the Zioist state."
I've seen very few Jews publicly on the 'defensive' over Israel, ever, actually. Apart from the 'moral leaders' you'd expect - Chomsky, Finkelstein, Klein, we're bombarded with Regev, Dershowitz, Bronner, Kirschner whilst Chris Matthews and his ilk shill on their behalf
Jews are certainly never called upon in the media to condemn Jewish terror in the same way Muslims are Islamic terror.
Phil Weiss often describes the uneasy implicit truces that occur during holidays between the extremist members of the family and the moderates. The unfortunate fact is very few moderate Jews are willing to speak out against the Kahanists for fear (justifiably) of the Goldstone treatment.
As things stand the public face of Judaism is Kahanism, if the decent ones don't want go down with the nutters they need to do something about that.
nb - Israeli is not the only Zioist state at all, just ask the Russians.

Religion is a choice. Besides those Jewish terrorist who invaded Palestine in 48 weren't even the same nationality, they just used religion to take something that didn't belong to them. That is why the invented the religion in the first place, to take things that didn't belong to them.

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