Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The HP's Latest Misleading Headline

Yesterday the Huffington Post published an article with the following headline:

But what was contained in the article was really something quite different. Although "a planning body" did approve a plan that involved the above situation, it hardly meant that it was going to happen tomorrow. In fact these two paragraphs, midway down the page, was much more informative:
""Now, after fine-tuning the plan and seeking more cooperation with the residents as far as their needs and improving the quality of their lives, the municipality is ready to submit the plans for the first stage of approval," said Barkat's spokesman, Stephan Miller, before the city's planning commission agreed to the plan.
Final approval, which would require an Interior Ministry green light, could take many more months."
The fact that there were no quotes of outrage from actual residents in the article would seem to back up what Miller was saying. Furthermore, this plan hasn't even been approved, so there is no guarantee that it will happen. In contrast, the headline implies that the plan has been approved all the way around and will go forward imminently.

None of these little details stopped the HP talkbackers from promptly freaking out and running into other threads claiming that right now Israel was demolishing 22 Palestinian homes. For example:

And a slightly more hysterical example:

So is the problem misleading headlines and articles, or is it stupid Huffington Post readership? Either way, something weird is going on.

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  1. Its, the JEWS, stupid. Name ONE other city in the world whose municipal plans are a front-page story.