Thursday, June 17, 2010

The HP's Latest Misleading Headline

The Huffington Post published the latest news story on Israel and the blockade. Before you click on this link, let's do a quick exercise where we compare the contents of the news story with the headline. Sound like fun? Let's start with the first few paragraphs:
"JERUSALEM — Israel is likely to significantly ease the land blockade of Gaza in coming days in an effort to blunt the international outcry over its deadly raid on a blockade-busting flotilla, officials said Wednesday.
Israel has been scrambling to find ways to ease the embargo and its own growing international isolation.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened senior ministers and security officials to discuss changes but they failed to reach a decision. They are now expected to vote Thursday, said a meeting participant speaking on condition of anonymity because the talks were closed.
Officials said Israel is expected to greatly ease what gets into Gaza through land crossings. However, the naval blockade that was at the root of the May 31 raid will remain intact because Israel wants to ensure weapons can't be shipped into Gaza. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the policy has not been approved."
Okay, so Israel is "likely" to open the crossings even further, though they having trouble reaching a consensus on what to do. That sounds like good news, right? The article has some background information about the blockade, both its reasons and its effects, and then has this:
"Israel's Haaretz daily reported Wednesday that international Mideast envoy Tony Blair had worked out the outlines of a deal with Netanyahu. It said it would include an Israeli agreement to consider stationing European monitors at border crossings to inspect incoming goods.
In an interview with the paper, Blair hailed the expected vote by Israel."
Even more good news, both for Israel and the Gazans! Coming up with deals is always a positive sign, right? I trust at this point I've made my point. Let's see the headline!

What? This headline gives the impression that Israel and someone are talking about how to figure something out with the blockade, but Israel isn't willing to do it. Based on the above information from the article, Israel is in fact not only trying to ease the blockade but are very likely to actually do so. They only put off the talks because they couldn't reach a consensus, and are going to resume tomorrow. But I guess the HP had to fulfill their one-negative-news-article-about-Israel quota for the day, so again the headline gets contorted.

Even more interesting is that if you look at the link, you would see that the original headline was "Israel to Vote on Easing Gaza Blockade." Makes one wonder who decided to change it, and why.

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  1. Nothing positive Israel does will ever be accepted by its critics. That is the point.