Thursday, June 10, 2010

The HP's Coverage of the Gaza Flotilla (Part 5)

It is now Wednesday night (to be posted Thursday) and I am updating with the latest news articles and blog posts about the Gaza flotilla raid and it's follow-up events.

First off we have news articles: Israel apologizing for the "We Con the World" video, but notice how the original video did not get a news article, Israel easing the blockade slightly, and Senator Feinstein calling for an investigation into the raid. Which was then followed up today with Israel launching an investigation into the raid. Also Egypt proclaimed the Gaza blockade a failure  and Netanyahu defended his country's actions.

Then we have the anti-Israel blog posts of which I only include ones about the Gaza raid. This new crop included articles by Ahmed Rehab (who accused Israel of "murdering" Dogan) Richard Hall, Mira Kamder, Howard Schweber, Mya Guarnieri, John Feffer, Pepe Escobar, Geoffrey Wawro, Sandy Tolan, Paul Jay, Beau Friedlander, Michael Winship, Queen Rania of Jordan, Dalia Scheindlin, Daoud Kuttab, Amnesty International, Youth Radio, and Ahmed Moor,

Defending Israel were posts by Ken Blackwell (the first one by him, by my count), Michael Vlahos, Ken Adelman, Anav Silverman, Lanny Davis, Fred Silberburg, and David Harris.

This brings the count to the following: News articles have now grown to thirty-five. Anti-Israel blog posts have now reached sixty-two, and pro-Israel blog posts are at nineteen.

When was the last time you saw the Huffington Post publish sixty-two blog posts about an incident involving a foreign country like this?

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  1. Of no other country am I aware the coverage is so lopsidedly negative.

    It would be interesting to establish a comparison to show how extreme the tilt is in the HP's coverage of Israel-related stories vis a vis the rest of the world.