Sunday, June 6, 2010

The HP's Coverage of the Gaza Flotilla (Part 4)

Since Thursday, when I last checked, the HP has continued to churn out both news articles and blog posts about the flotilla raid and it's aftermath. This indicates an obsession with a given news story that we haven't seen since...well since I can't remember. Anyway, let's get started.

As for news article, we have NATO wanting a probe, Barney Frank saying "as a Jew" he is ashamed of Israel's actions (he later took this back, no follow up was published), a protest in Chicago, activists coming back to a hero's welcome in Turkey (with a picture of a sign that said "global intifada"), an article with more details about the raid, something about how US policy won't change, Israel rejecting an international probe, a story about a Swedish crime writer named Henning Mankell who was on the ship, a story about the next aid ship on it's way, and then being trailed and then stopped by Israel. They also covered an Al-Jazeera reporter saying that Israel fired before landing (and never published the other side of the story). The HP also contributed to some waving of the bloody shirt with videos of the coffins. There was also an article about Turkey getting close to severing ties with Israel, and people criticizing Israel for not releasing all the footage.

Next we have the blog posts, and there were quite a few of them. Attacking Israel were blog posts by Phyllis Bennis (still clinging to the "massacre" claim), Geoffrey Wawro, James Zogby, Josh Ruebner, Robert Naiman, Dan Freeman-Maloy, Laura Flanders, Jamal Dajani, Robert Koehler, Johann Hari, Shayan Ghajar, Barrett Brown, Wael Nawara, Carlo Strenger, and Rabbi Brant Rosen.

Defending Israel were articles by Ambassador Marc Ginsberg, Heather Robinson, David Harris, Spencer Green, and Alon Ben-Meir.

For those of you keeping track at home, this brings the number of news articles to twenty-nine. The number of blog posts attacking Israel grows to forty-four, and the blog posts defending Israel at twelve. More of that fabulous HP balance.


  1. Yup. No one can seem to find the time for real balance - not where Israel is concerned. But that would require a change in the outlook towards Israel on the HP. Good luck with it.

  2. You should try addressing the substance of our criticisms of Israel, such as my pointing out that Peres' claim that the soldiers in question were "shot at" and did "nothing" in response to men whom they actually shot several times in the head; you may find it a bit more difficult than simply counting the number of articles that disagree with your point of view and attacking HuffPo for lack of "balance" that they don't claim to exhibit and which you and many other people do not exhibit at all. You might also try explaining, or perhaps simply learning, why the IDF had to change its initial press release title from claiming that those killed were linked to al-Qaeda to simply noting that some of them had no identification papers after real journalists started asking them inconvenient questions.

    The Likud government is entirely without credibility, as are those of its backers who simply ignore reasoned objections to the conduct it has perpetrated with the aid of the U.S. Those of us who are more concerned with the well-being of this republic than the revanchist Israeli one will continue to point out the ludicrous behavior that is funded in part with our tax dollars as well as with the information Israel has stolen from us by way of espionage. You should be content with the tens of millions of historically illiterate American Christians who will support Israel even if it does practice collective punishment against a large civilian population.

    At any rate, I challenge you to answer the questions I have posed to you above, and would be more than happy to relate the answers to my own readers verbatim because those answers will be nonsensical and quite demonstrably the work of an incompetent and intellectually dishonest tribalist.