Thursday, June 3, 2010

The HP's Coverage of the Gaza Flotilla (Part 3)

Since Monday the Huffington Post has continued to bang out the articles and blog posts about Israel, Gaza, and the raid on the Gaza flotilla. Here is the latest updates:

First of all, the Huffington Post published a news story containing additional video footage. This was a great decision, especially since many of the videos that they had showed the demonstrators attacking the Israeli soldiers, though that in turn was counterbalanced by heavily edited Al Jazeera footage. I would have preferred if they had also posted the videos of the demonstrators psyching themselves up and preparing for battle, but you can't have it all. The HP also published a story of Israel deporting the activists, as well as Netanyahu defending the blockade.

It is in the blog posts where the HP shows it's true colors, however. New blog posts included ones by: Ahmed Moor (which was an attack on Zionism, so much for disagreeing with Israel's actions), Cenk Uygar, MJ Rosenberg (bringing his total number of articles on the subject to three), Patricia DeGennaro, Howard Schweber, Steve Clemons, Laura Flanders and Bradley Burston.

Defending Israel were posts by Rabbi Joshua Levine and Andy Ostroy,

In addition to  what was posted previously, this brings the grand total of news articles on the topic to fifteen. Blog posts critical of Israel are currently at a total of twenty-nine, and blog posts defending Israel are currently at a total of seven.

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  1. More of that famous HP balance. Make sure posts critical of Israel outnumber posts that defend her. That is not is not I would define as "balance."

    No one is asking them to be pro-Israel. But how about a rough balance between the two sides? Its surely not too much to ask for.