Thursday, June 3, 2010

HP Blogger Sharmine Narwani Making Abusive Comments

The original link. So here we have Ms. Narwani not only making the anti-Semitic "Gaza concentration camp" comparison, but also another Nazi-tinged insult at another poster (who in fairness, kind of deserved it). Welcome to the sort of intellectual discourse we can find among the HP blogger set.


  1. People who employ weapons against Jews to kill them are their enemy. They are not non-combatant civilians. The blockade is sanctioned under international law. And Israel's policies in Gaza have not led to a humanitarian crisis there and all the Jewish State seeks to do is to keep Hamas from being armed by Iran. Those are the facts which the Sharmine Narwanis of the world could care less about. But its easier to lynch the Jews than to find out the truth about what really happened.

  2. It is not anti-semetic to draw a comparison to nazi concentration camps or nazi ghetto's.
    There are more similarities than not.