Thursday, June 3, 2010

Flotilla Activists Were Ready for Violence

Elder of Ziyon links us to this video, which clearly shows from the ship's own security camera that the activists were prepared for violence:

This contradicts many of the HPers arguments that the activists were simply defending themselves from the soldiers. If the activists were merely defending themselves, why did they bring tons of knives, pipes and other weapons with them on the trip, and why were they handling them before any soldiers appeared on the scene? Answer: they knew they wouldn't stop until the soldiers arrived, and once the soldiers did arrive, they planned on attacking them.


  1. The saddest thing about the comments on HP is no one found the international lynch mob that ganged up on Israel and which rushed to judgment before all the facts were out, to be wrong.

  2. You have obviously never worked on any kind of sailing vessel.

    You should stick to commenting on what you know something about.
    What is that by the way?