Monday, June 28, 2010

Example of a Post: HPer Dishonesty

One question that Zach and I always ask ourselves is, why, if the Palestinian cause is so right and so just, are Palestinian advocates so frequently dishonest and misleading? Let me give you an example

Goodness, gracious! Israel killed an "80 year old blind man in a wheelchair". What a terrible country, murdering such innocent and ineffectual people for no good reason.

But who is "Shiehk Yassim"? He's a founder of Hamas opposed the peace process, and called for all Palestinians to long for martyrdom. Yassim also coined the phrase, "We chose this road, and will end with martyrdom or victory", which is a favorite phrase of the Palestinians. Of course, the HPer couldn't be bothered to mention this, he simply hoped we wouldn't check and we would think he was just an old man that never hurt a fly.

I should also point out that Yassim was assassinated by a Israeli helicopter, not a "US made jet". Just the icing on the cake of lies this HPer baked.

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  1. When you strip out the context, it leads to the impression Israel killed a blind, 80 year old man in a wheelchair for no reason whatsoever. And the anti-Zios always make sure the context isn't brought up so they can accuse Israel of doing something evil. That's par for the course in their resorting to blatant dishonesty in discussing the Israel-Palestinian conflict. And its not just in the Sheikh Yassin case, its happened in other cases in the past and it will undoubtedly happen in future cases as well.