Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Example of a Post: Blaming the Victim

Please read this comment, if you don't mind:

Once again, we see the shameless blaming of the victim. The HPers are more than willing to mock anyone who talks about Israelis being the victims of Palestinian violence, but this post takes it to the next level. Alysheba here blames Israel for Turkish anti-Semitism, saying that any Turkish reactions to the flotilla incident are the fault of Israel and Turkish Jews have to suffer because of Israel's "massacre". It never occurs to her to expect the Turks to perhaps not blame Turkish Jews for something they had no control over and are blameless for. This is all too common on the HP, granting the Palestinians and other Arabs (and Turks) no responsibility over their own actions, everything they do or do not is because of Israel; they cannot choose to act morally or not. As a result, the HPers prove they are just as racist towards the Palestinians as the farthest right Israeli.

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  1. Every one demands accountability from Israel. No such accountability is demanded from its enemies.