Monday, June 28, 2010

Democracy Hypocrisy

Last week Israel captured four Hamas politicians in Jerusalem and decided to expel them from the city. According to the Huffington Post this set off warnings of an all-new crisis, but I'm not sure I get why this is so controversial. Hamas and Israel are at war, so why shouldn't Israel expel the diplomats? Did Ireland expel Israeli diplomats for a far less legitimate reason just a couple of weeks ago? And what would America do if they caught four Al Qaeda leaders hanging around in Washington, DC?

None of that is really what I wanted to talk about, though. What I wanted to talk about was the reaction of the Huffington Post readership who through some strange logic tricks concluded that Israel's actions against the Hamasnicks somehow made it undemocratic. Here are some examples:
"There can not be equality for all within the construct of Exceptionalism , a concept that marginalizes and dehumanizes all others.  israel is not a democracy, rather a theocracy."
"That's the famous Israeli democracy they like to talk up."
"Jailing and expelling people on the basis of their political affiliation are NOT the actions of a democracy."
You get the idea. This news story and the subsequent reactions of it are a perfect example of the ethereal standard. For any other nation to expel terrorists with whom they are at war would be a completely natural and acceptable reaction. For Israel (and only Israel), though, suddenly it becomes an attack on it's democratic nature. Don't expect these anti-Zionists to explain their logic, though. I'm pretty sure they can't.

Where the hypocrisy part comes in, though, is that as much as the Huffington Posters will jump on every tiny thing that Israel does to try and prove it isn't a democracy, they will overlook massive human rights violations and oppression on the part of Israel's enemies. For instance, Hamas won one election, and that is enough for the Huffington Posters to declare "Palestine" a democracy. They will ignore the human rights violations and the oppression in their rush to declare the Palestinians a democratic society.

Same thing with Iran, it's most prominent defenders like "Richard Pearce" and "persianadvocate" (who has never been accused of being a "propagandist" in my understanding) will argue with anyone who thinks that Iran is anything less than perfect. All the while they ignore terrible things happening there that, were the topic about the Jewish state instead, would have rightfully received the HPers wrath. 

And then these anti-Zionists can't understand why we consider them to be hypocrites and liars. How can they tell us with a straight face that all they care about is human rights while applying a ridiculous and arbitrary standard with only one tenant: That Israel is always wrong? However my feelings on this issue, I value the truth (no matter how ugly it is) over my own worldviews. I do not think many HPers could say the same.

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  1. The point is the anti-Zios never criticize any other human rights abuses. For them the only human rights abuse they are interested in is Israel's. And they don't hide it.