Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Brothers Sell Out

I write to you with great shame on this Sunday and with a heavy heart: The Brothers have sold out to the Man. We've seen many of our fellow bloggers integrate Google Ads and such into their blogs, and for a long time we've resisted this temptation. But now, we've figured out such a easy and seamless way to integrate Amazon ads into our blog we couldn't help ourselves.

On the right sidebar, we have the boxes "What Matt's Doing" and "What Zach's Doing". They have always contained what we're reading, playing, and watching. But now, those entries are the articles on for what we're doing. So if you click on one of those links, we'll get some tiny pittance from Amazon. If you feel inspired to check out a book, game or movie from what we've been doing, go ahead and use the links, it would help us out a tiny little bit.

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