Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blood Libel Comment of the Day

Here you go:

The IDF kill civilians not because the line between civilian and combatant is extremely hard to see, or because they make mistakes just like any army, or because those civilians are used as human shields, but because they like to. This reasoning makes the IDF the worst people on the planet, worse than the Stalinist Soviets, the Nazis, and Lex Luthor himself. This is not a realistic way of looking at the world. Even the worst members of Islamic Jihad and Hamas don't kill civilians because they "like to", they think they are doing a necessary evil for a greater cause.


  1. But its not a "necessary evil" for IDF soldiers to defend themselves from those seeking to kill them. It wasn't that this bloodshed was avoidable; it was because the anti-Israel side deliberately perpetrated it knowing the international lynch mob would come rushing out howling for Jewish blood. It was undoubtedly a very effective political tactic which to get Israel badly clubbed - not just its soldiers. As if there is a difference between the two situations.

  2. You have obviously never served in the military or in any police force. We train to kill. We itch to kill the bad guy. We don't care who the guy is, we just follow orders and take their word he is a bad guy.

    You have also obviously played cowboys or indians, cops or robbers or any other variation of good guy and bad guy. Every kid who ever played wanted to kill and loved it when he did.

    IDF and any other force is just the actualization of all those childhood games and childhood indoctrination and training.

    Get real man.

  3. It's a stupid comment - but the kind you often see being levelled at e.g. the US or UK forces in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    So exactly how does this constitute an instance of the blood libel?
    (yes, even taking into account the historical context of the latter)

  4. Anonymous, above,

    Silly, it's a blood libel because it names the IDF.