Friday, June 4, 2010

Barney Frank Retracts Comment, HP No Longer Interested

The Huffington Post, as part of their extensive coverage on the recent incident involving the Gaza Flotilla, had an article about Congressman Barney Frank's comments. Frank apparently said that as a Jew, he was "ashamed" about Israel's actions off the Gaza coast, and the HP covered this news story with HUGE LETTERS and it was the front page of both the Huffington Post home page and the World section. It's still up in the Israel section, I invite you to go check it out.

Which makes the following all the more delicious: Frank has retracted his comments. According to the article,

"U.S. Rep. Barney Frank scrambled yesterday to backtrack from his criticisms of an Israeli raid on a pro-Palestinian flotilla that left nine dead - saying he never referred to those killed as “innocent.”...Frank’s statement yesterday said he was not referring to the slain pro-Palestinian activists as “innocent,” but was referring to “the problems the American military has encountered in Afghanistan - and before that to a great extent Iraq,” an apparent reference to accidental killings of civilians by the U.S. military...Israeli officials have said their commandos acted in self-defense. Frank yesterday defended Israeli actions, saying, “I have since learned more about the incident and I note the Israeli report that violent force in fact (was) initiated by those whose boat was boarded - entirely appropriately in my judgment - by the Israeli Navy.”

Now, the HPers will probably claim this shows AIPAC has regained their mind control over Frank, but I prefer to think that it shows the original article did not interpret Frank's original remarks correctly and he is clarifying himself. This is not the first time it's happened (see General Petraeus).

But either way, and to no surprise to us, the HP has not covered the new comments in a new article. They added an update to the original article, but at that point the article was already so far down in the Israel section no one was going to look at it again. Most likely, in my opinion, the HP knew that and deliberately chose not to publish a new article so their readers could know the whole truth. Just another case of HP bias.

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