Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Amy Klein Has Choice Words for the Jews

Amy Klein is a hot-off-the-presses Huffington Post blogger, who has only written two articles so far. However, both of them are about Jews, Israel and "public relations." She usually complains that the Jewish people, both in Israel and outside, are standing up for themselves and their point of view against people who have not the slightest problem with lying about Jews for their own gains.

In her first article, she talks about the "myth (and gift) of Jewish 'chosenness.'" She starts off pretty well, making it clear that the Jews were only selected for a job, not that they were elevated above other nations. She also says that most Jews in the modern world don't actually believe that they are "the chosen people" either, which is pretty good. But then she takes his story and uses it to slander the Jews. Check it out:
"Now isn't that the brilliance of the Jewish people? Jews turned the simple act of being selected into a concept of being chosen. It's one of the first of many Jewish public relations coups. Throughout history we told ourselves that everyone hated us because they were jealous of us. We weren't different -- we were unique. How else could we survive all these years of persecution?"
 "Public relations coup?" Wow. How familiar with Ms. Klein with anti-Semitism? Hatred of Jews is based on the fact that Jews are different, in the same way that black people are different from white people. It's also a little bit strange that she is setting up this perception of Jewish hatred as a PR play. Is she saying that Jews are somehow really responsible for anti-Semitism because of their arrogance? I am not sure at this point, let's move on.

"Not that most Jews really believe we are chosen or smarter or better, not deep down... But we don't mind if other people believe it. And boy, do they. Consider the word "goy" -- a gentile, or a non-Jew. What other group has everyone defining themselves by what they aren't? Is someone non-Christian, non-white, non-Asian? But they are non-Jewish. Non-Chosen. Non-God's people."
Do people actually use the word "goy" anymore, except in an ironic sense? As for Ms. Klein's question, is she familiar with the term "infidel?" And the Jews don't define themselves as non-Gentiles! They define themselves as Jews! Hello, Ms. Klein! Did you even talk to some Jews before you wrote your article?
And does this strike anyone else as an attack on Jewish identity, even after she just made it clear that most Jews don't actually believe it? Then Ms. Klein says the most unbelievable paragraph in the article:
"If there's one thing we Jews are good at, it's public relations. We are the masters of rhetoric. We've practically copyrighted the word Holocaust ©, making other countries covet the title. How's that for PR?"
I'm just going to let that sink in. I wasn't expecting Holocaust cynicism from Ms. Klein, but there it is. She is basically accusing the Jews of mining the Holocaust through their public relations ability for their own gains. If I am misinterpreting her, I would love to hear other thoughts on what exactly she was saying here. Let's keep going.
"But Jews are best at P.R., at promoting themselves endlessly, whether it be from the Last Nation Standing to become the Chosen People, or whenever anything bad happens to any Jew anywhere in the world: the old Jewish guard believes it's a Jew's job to spin it."
 Really? Whenever something bad happens to a Jew, these mythical "old guard" need to spin it to help them? Can she provide an example beyond something involving Israel? Like perhaps a Jewish criminal that was protected by these old Jewish spin masters?
Again this strikes me as nothing more or less than an attack on the Jewish "establishment," such as it is. If the Jews stand up for themselves, it is because they are "spinning." You can't trust the Jews, they are so good at public relations that they will make any lie seem like the truth. And they are completely out for themselves, don't you forget it.
"Jews pride themselves as being the only religion that encourages questioning, dialectical reasoning -- the Talmud, after all, is a series of books created just for this purpose -- but this "questioning" is deceptive. The answer in the end, as I discovered when so many of my early question went unanswered, will always be to make God, the bible, the Jews look good. Taiku, the Talmud sometimes says when something doesn't make sense, meaning: We'll know the answer when the Messiah comes. In other words, "whatever.""
 Got it? The Jews say something, but they're lying! They are really just out for themselves and are motivated by only one desire: To make themselves and their beliefs look good.
"That's why anyone's desire to tell "the truth" about the Jews, to the Jews, will fall on deaf ears.
Many simply aren't interested in "truth" or "facts" or differing opinions. They are only interested in spin. That is the Jewish legacy."
 Yup. Lies and "spin" are "the Jewish legacy." I don't know if this is anti-Semitism or what, but it certainly doesn't sound good. The Jews aren't interested in truth, they just want what is best for themselves and their people.

What is Ms. Klein saying, if not (a) the Jews don't want to know reality and (b) that they will contort the truth, facts and people who will disagree with them into something else? In other words: Jews are liars, and you can't believe anything they say? And is this is the kind of view that the Huffington Post wants to endorse?


  1. I had the same reaction upon reading her article. It was as if HP, in the name of editorial "balance", dredged up someone of Kline's ilk who manages to endorse all the anti-Semitic stereotypes without offending the HP's nominally Jewish readership. What's the Jewish equivalent of an "Uncle Tom"?

  2. You have a born Jew completely ignorant of Jewish history, faith, culture and tradition. This is a big problem. Jews like her do not understand the Jewish people and why they are under assault by the world today. So what they do is they help ending up legitimizing the Jews' enemies hatred and contempt for Jews since if a Jew finds Jews so bad, they must really be as bad as anti-Semites as say they are. A Jewish anti-Semite like Amy Klein is worse than all the rest. They make it politically correct to be bigoted against Jews. And Uncle Toms had nothing on them in hatred and calumny for their own people.