Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ahmed Moor's: "The Zionist State"

Noted anti-Israel blogger Ahmed Moor has written another screed for the Huffington Post titled, "Zionism is not Judaism," which as I wrote earlier today, is yet another example of misrepresenting Zionism to make it acceptable for Moor to slander it. In the course of the article, Moor shows himself to be completely ignorant about what "Zionism" actually is, and you will see that his definition changes from paragraph to paragraph, though of course he never bothers to put in black and white what he considers Zionism to be.

For today, I'm not going to go through the whole article but I did want to start with this sentence:
"That's because while Israel purports to be the Jewish State, it is in fact only the Zionist state. " 
This is something that HP talkbackers actually say quite often, so it is hardly the first time I have seen it. But I want you to go back, look at that line and really study it hard. When you finish, you will realize that it. makes. no. sense. at all!

According to Moor Israel claims to be a Jewish state, but really isn't. Okay fine, but does he have any evidence to indicate that it is not a state for the Jews? No, he doesn't. What he does say is: "Israel does not represent the Jewish people," but Israel has never (to my knowledge) claimed to represent the Jewish people. In fact in my experience most of Israel's critics complain about Israel being too Jewish, not "too Zionist," pointing to instances like discrimination on buses and restrictive marriage laws. I guess nothing would satisfy them. What a surprise.

But anyway, I want to go back to the term "the Zionist state" as that is another buzzword that gets thrown around like candy by the AZs but the more you stop and think about it the less sense that it makes. Zionists are people who believe Jews should have a homeland, regardless of race religion or creed. Moor admits this much in his article. Israel is not a state for "Zionists" but any measure of the term. No matter how much a Christian might believe Jews should have their own state, he still has to apply for Israeli citizenship the same as anyone else. I'm sure Mr. Moor would shout that Israel was being discriminatory if one were to ask him.

As usual, the AZs are trying to have it both ways: They want to criticize Israel for being "too Jewish" but at the same time claim that it isn't Jewish at all, only "Zionist." But like I said before, this contradiction only works when both the speaker and his audience does not fully understand what the terms "Zionist" and "Zionism" means. It's very informative indeed that the Huffington Post chose Mr. Moor to be the one to educate us on what Zionism is. It's like Rush Limbaugh talking about liberalism.

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  1. See my post about Palestinian nationalism and Zionism. But another point about Zionism is that Jewish sovereignty in Israel by no means precludes acceptance of non-Jewish sovereignty there. Yet that is not the case with the other side. Its definition of nationalism is an exclusivist and restrictionist one, the very charge they hurl at Zionism. But the anti-Zionists will never see it because in their world, there is no such thing as a Jewish State having the right to exist in the first place.