Thursday, May 20, 2010

Zionism is Racism Comment of the Day

From a recent article posted about "Israel Wrestling" by Rabbi Sid Schwarz:


  1. Matt, let's not bother to point every Muslim Arab country is defined by ethnicity - Arab and by religion - Islam. And no one has any problem with it.

    Its only when it comes to the Jews the rule is changed.

  2. Zionism is racism.
    If you don't want to read the words of the founders, you can just look at the results.

  3. The truth, anonymous, is that anti-Zionism is racism.

    The reason for this is because anti-Zionism argues that of all the world's peoples the Jews, and only the Jews, despite the Holocaust, should be denied self-determination and self-defense.

    You probably do not realize it, as I am sure that you see yourself as a good anti-racist liberal, but when you spread the "Zionism is racism" libel, you are acting in an anti-Semitic manner that spreads hatred and even violence toward the Jewish people.

  4. Karmafish.
    Condemning the racist, bigoted and violent behavior of zionists toward arabs other jews who disagree with them is not anti-semitism and does not spread hatred and violence toward the jewish people.
    Zionists, by their behavior, incite the very things you say you are against.

    Zionism argues for the Jews at the expense of others.

  5. Last time I checked, even the poor, oppressed Palestinians who are living under the PA have higher standards of living and longer life expectancies than Arabs in Syria, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia. The most unimaginable crime of Zionism is... what? Longer life, higher literacy, and more wealth?

    You're ignorant, because you don't know what Zionism is, and you're hateful, because you use Zionism as a fig leaf for your anti-Semitism.

    The Palestinians have squandered every opportunity given them by Israel and continue to do so. My parents taught me that you must help yourself before others can help you, and if you don't want to help yourself, there's nothing anyone else can do about your problems. The Palestinians do not want to help themselves. What can we do about that?

  6. Stay in school.
    On your summer break, you might want to volunteer in Gaza to get some perspective.