Thursday, May 6, 2010

Who Review: Flesh and Stone

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The second part of the Doctor's close encounter with the Weeping Angels has arrived! See what we think below.

"Flesh and Stone" had all the earmarks of an ideal DW episode. Epic chases, quirky gravity effects, weird time distortions, and a little romance. A very enjoyable episode all the way around.
In summary, the Doctor et al escape from the angels by "falling" on to the surface of the spaceship, which due to the crazy gravity doesn't hurt too much. They then go into the ship and wander around for a while until the Doctor figures out a way to trick all the angels into being pulled out of the ship through the gravity (again). Amy gets an angel in her eye, so she had to deal with that, and River Song is annoying and arrogant, again. There's also the Crack in Time, as seen in the first episode of this season, and now we see the effects of the Crack, in that time gets all messed up and people start ceasing to exist. As always, it's building up to an epic season finale.
The standout of this episode is definitely Amy's scene in the woods. The Doctor leaves her with the cleric soldiers while he goes off to save the day and she is stuck there with her eyes shut (or else the angel in her brain will take her over). When the crack appears, the clerics go off one by one to check it out and they disappear, never to return. Once she is left alone, Amy's forced to walk through the woods and among the angel statues blind, with only the Doctor's voice on the radio to help. It's a tense scene designed to make you on the edge of your seat, and it works as well as any other scene in the new Who. The director uses tight camera shots right on Amy's face to make the viewer just as blind as Amy is, unable to see if that thing she just ran into was a tree branch or an angel's arm. Of course, the scene is ruined by River Song saving Amy and then telling the Doctor "I told you so" in the most annoying way possible. But other than that, it was a great scene and the most interesting part of the two-parter.
I also just want to talk about the end scene. I know in the new Who part of the appeal is the romantic/platonic  relationship between the Doctor and the companion, it's so required that even when they had a male companion (Captain Jack), the writers still had to maintain that dynamic. But despite that knowledge, I was hoping this relationship between the new Doctor and companion would stay love-free, if only because it would remove painfully awkward scenes like the last one or even worse, an actual relationship between Doctor and companion. We may find out in the coming episodes that Amy doesn't actually love her fiancee, but at this point it looks like the following events: Amy is about to get married, we assume to someone she loves completely, the Doctor comes in, bringing up deep seeded emotional issues, they have a few adventures, and then now Amy loves the Doctor, or at least wants to do him. That is pretty messed up, and I hope nothing comes of it. But it looks like we'll explore that topic next episode.

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