Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Threatening, Anti-Semitic Comment of the Evening

Hawkeye at CiFWatch alerted us to this one:

Unfortunately he didn't have the original link (the user has now been banned). But then again it is a useful demonstration of how people can become anti-Zionist and then anti-Semitic, because they misunderstand what exactly Zionism is. This would be fine, if they were willing to educate themselves about Zionism, but they aren't. Once they make up their minds they won't be convinced otherwise. And their problem is now ours, unfortunately.


  1. Converting an anti-Semite is hopeless.

    Just stay away from them!

  2. Converting them may be impossible, but we can at least provide rebuttals so that other people reading the anti-Semite's words won't be convinced and be led into anti-Semitism themselves.