Monday, May 24, 2010

Special Report: Rally and March for Jerusalem

Yesterday Matt and I were able to attend this rally in Boston. Below the following link is a series of pictures that I took while we attended the march and rally. In short, what the protesters did was meet at Congregation Kehilath Israel, listened to speakers talk for about an hour, then marched around the block. Some of the speakers were quite famous, including Rev. Fumio Taku, the leader of Christians and Jews United For Israel. I took video of some of the dancing as well as the speeches but in the interests of time I wanted to get all of the pictures in one place.

The rally was mostly pro-Israel, but there was a large focus on keeping Jerusalem undivided. In the later videos you will see that many of the speakers were talking about how Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish people and should remain that way. There also was an undercurrent of anti-Obama sentiment as well. There is one woman's sign that referred to the "Chicago mafia." One man I was standing next to referred to him as "that Muslim anti-Christ in the White House." Not cool, but I'll be talking more about that later as well.

There were about three hundred people in the rally, by Matt's estimation. There were also a grand total of seven people who showed up to counter-protest. Ones of note include a man who wore, in the words of one of the speakers, "a dress" (Muslim garb) and held up a sign that said "Obama is a Jewish puppet." There was also a young woman who had a sign that said "Victory For Hamas." Anyway, here are the pictures.


  1. Are you making fun of the guy in the white gown?

  2. "A dress" was a term used by one of the speakers. The article has been fixed to make that clearer.

  3. So let's see.

    Boston has an approximate Jewish population of around 21,000.

    Many Jewish people no doubt attended from outside Boston - as did yourselves.

    There were "Christians" (who look to the "new messiah" simply in order that Jews will either become converts to their way of thinking or be annihilated at the "second coming"), and no doubt others, present.

    Matt (bless!) counted 300 at a "rally" that "marched" (goodness!) all the way around the block!

    Were the organisers afraid that the distance involved might result in people getting lost en route?

    I really do not care how far you travelled to attend this "event", but it must have been some distance for you to need an early night Saturday and an early start on Sunday.

    Clearly, you felt is was more worth while to expend your time, energy and cash (gas ain't cheap and I imagine the 2 of you ate at least once) on this "event" than did 98.5% (aqpprox) of the Jewish population of that noble city.

    Some "rally".

    Some "march".

    As a noteworthy event, the word "event" should be prefixed with the word "none"

  4. Hey Matt & Zach,
    Thanks for standing with Israel.
    God will bless your endeavors.
    Genesis 12:3
    I will bless those who bless Israel,
    and I will curse him who curses Israel.

  5. Matt and Zach,

    Your efforts are very important. Sunshine is the only disenfectant for anti-semitism as it arouses those with a love for Israel to action and a refusal to be silent. Your exposure of such hate arouses many to action - keep it up.

  6. By head count, agreed to by Brookline police and published in the Jewish Advocate there were 540 demonstrators present and supporting a United Jerusalem on May 23.